As everyone knows that PUBG is a most popular game of 2017 and still famous for its unique gameplay style but people wants badly to have a chicken dinner in game. So they cheat in the game by hacking it.

Now cheats and hacks are frequently seen in FPS games. For preventing the PUBG to be acquired by cheaters or hackers an anti-cheating service known as BattleEye is constantly working with PUBG to ban such cheaters. On Sunday they confirmed that over a million players were banned in January.

BattleEye is working regularly on the cheaters and providing the information about how much players get banned in a certain interval of time. As new players are joining the game more the cheating is increasing because everyone wants to win the game by any means.

Recently, the PUBG team deployed new anti-cheat measures in the game and biggest change were to remove family sharing of the game on steam.

“We have an announcement for those of you using family sharing on Steam,” said Dohyung Lee, head of service management and anti-cheat.” We had allowed this feature so that the account holders who own PUBG can use their character with other Steam accounts if they wanted to. However, we have decided to deactivate this feature because we have identified a number of vulnerabilities that are being exploited. Please understand that we are introducing this measure to fight abuse and ensure a fair environment.”

Let’s see what actions will be taken by PUBG team and BattleEye to keep control over cheaters,

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