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10 Things About Infinity Stones Which Make No Sense

The teeny-tiny 6 gems which turned the Marvel Universe upside down in Infinity War – The Infinity Stones namely the Space Stone, Mind Stone, Reality Stone, Power Stone, Time Stone, and Soul Stone. They have played an eccentric role in the individual and ensemble Marvel movies. They have motivated Thanos who has spent a decade in carefully plotting and planning his strategy to gather all the stones to accomplish his goal – “Balancing the Universe by eradicating half of its population”. But these Infinity Stones have something or the else properties which makes no sense.

  1. The Reality Stone isn’t a Stone (depending on the situation)

Infinity Stones

Whenever we hear the word stone, we imagine a hard solid substance made up of earth and minerals. But it isn’t the case with Reality Stone(Infinity Stones). When we saw the Reality Stone in Thor: Dark World we saw Reality Stone, in the form of a liquid-like substance is known as ‘Aether’. But when we saw Reality Stone in Infinity War, it was in its solid form. But the question here is why the stone has different physical forms and how does it manifest into the other forms?

  1. The Soul Stone has its ritual and a caretaker

Infinity Stones

Generally, there’s not much of a hassle in obtaining an Infinity Stone. You need to track it down and then just make sure you have a container to hold its raw power and voila, you have in your hands an ancient high on power relic in your possession. But that’s not the case with Soul Stone(Infinity Stones).

For a person to obtain a Soul Stone, you should follow a particular ritual. You have to sacrifice your most loved one’s soul to obtain the Soul Stone. Also, the Stone has a caretaker, known as Stonekeeper.

It doesn’t make sense to have a ritual and a caretaker for only one stone out of the six.

  1. Why aren’t Reality Stone effects permanent?

Infinity Stones

In the Infinity War, we saw the Guardians without Rocket, and Groot takes on Thanos on Knowhere. Thanos uses the Reality Stone’s power to turn Drax and Mantis into a pile of living building blocks. The Reality Stone’s ability can alter the reality as per the user.

But we saw after Thanos left, Drax and Mantis were restored to their original self. But why isn’t the effect of Reality Stone(Infinity Stones) permanent because it cannot be that the ruthless mad titan turned them back out of his heart.

  1. Why doesn’t the Mind Stone give him the ability to control people?

Infinity Stones

A significant part of the Infinity War’s story goes around the Avengers member Vision because he has Mind Stone(Infinity Stones) placed in his forehead. The Stone does give him some exceptional abilities, and its removal would mean his death.

But why doesn’t Vision use the Stone to control other people’s minds? We haven’t even seen him try to do that, if he were to control them, it would be undoubtedly useful in the Battle against Thanos, as Vision would merely control Thanos’ army to attack him and give the Avengers an edge in the battle.

  1. Why doesn’t Time Stone give Doctor Strange unlimited do-overs?

Infinity Stones

Doctor Strange is seen to trap Door Mamu in an unlimited time loop in his stand-alone film. Also, we have seen him that he can rewind time to a specific point in our future. Also, we have seen him watch over 14 million possible futures in the Infinity War and discovers that the Avengers and their allies win in only one.

But in the fight, when he already had seen that Star-Lord would be the one to cause Thanos to snap back to consciousness after Mantis managed to take his consciousness away, why didn’t he took measures to prevent them? And why couldn’t the Time Stone(Infinity Stones) trap Thanos in a loop by rewinding time again and again until the Avengers finally get that gauntlet off his hand?

  1. Why doesn’t the Power and Reality Stone make Thanos invulnerable?

Infinity Stones

When finally Thanos comes on Earth to retrieve Mind Stone, he was attacked by Avengers, also Thor using his Stormbreaker Axe to attack Thanos. He manages to pierce through his attack and embeds the axe in Thanos’ chest.

The injury was a fatal one, but Thanos manages to snap his fingers to complete his mission and then exit through a wormhole and later heals the wound.

But, Why was Thanos even touched by the axe in the first place, shouldn’t the Power and Reality Stone(Infinity Stones) be able to provide the mad titan invulnerability?

  1. The Power of Infinity Stones are inconsistent through the films

Infinity Stones

The power of Infinity Stones are the most powerful things in the Universe and even factoring in need to adjust the stones’ powers according to the story, the difference still way off the charts.

If we look at the Power Stone, the stone is powerful enough to destroy the whole planet of Xandar in Guardians of Galaxy, but on the other hand, if we look at the Infinity War, the energy blast from Power Stone cannot penetrate Iron Man’s shields. The difference in Power is way too much.

  1. The Space Stone behaves like Power and Mind Stones

Infinity Stones

Space Stone(Infinity Stones) has the ability, you would expect from it. At the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, it transports the Red Skull across space, transporting him on the planet Vormir. It also creates wormholes to transport Loki’s invasion force in The Avengers, and to get Thanos from one place to another in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, in Captain America, it mimics the Power Stone by powering their weaponry and in Thor’s post-credit scene as Mind Stone when Loki establishes a mental link with Doctor Selvig.

  1. The Mind Stone mimics the Power Stone

Infinity Stones

In The Avengers, when Loki was forced to come out and fight, we see Loki firing off energy blasts from his sceptre. Firing off energy blasts or even generating any energy is a feature of Power Stone and we know that Loki was possessing Mind Stone(Infinity Stones) in his Sceptre.

This shows that the Mind Stone mimicked Power Stone instead of controlling minds in Avengers which makes no sense.

  1. The Reality Stone has the abilities of Power Stone

Infinity Stones

The Reality Stone(Infinity Stones) made its debut in Thor: Dark World. The Reality Stone can distort the reality around the user. But in Thor we see the stone having the ability of Power Stone.

When in the hands of Malekith, “The Aether” mimics Power Stone. Rather than changing the reality, Malekith uses the Reality Stone to shoot a blast of anti-matter against Thor, which is again the ability of the Power Stone.

What do you think about these facts? Do you also agree that the Infinity Stones have some things which make no sense? If you have more such information, do let know in the comment section below!

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