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10 Truths and Rumors About MCU Phase 4 That Every Fan Must Read

The Avengers 4 movie, the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War, will be marking the end of phase 3. Since the title of Avengers 4 is not yet revealed (apparently it is), it is more exciting to wait for the movie to drop in the box office. According to the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, revealing the title will give away many things like in which direction the movie’s gonna go. He has remained tight-lipped to not give away things but he’s not completely successful as he has given a few things(confirmed) that’s going to happen in the MCU Phase 4 but some which are not yet confirmed are movie around like rumors and have given birth to different theories. In this article, the top 10 truths and rumours (5 of each) are going to be revealed.

Spoiler Alert: The following article can contain major spoilers for the upcoming movies of the MCU. If you don’t want to get spoiled then you can stop reading here. You have been warned. So, here we go:

Theories that we know are confirmed about MCU Phase 4:

MCU Phase 4 is going to start with deaths.

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

In phase 3, many deaths have occurred like the Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron (though it didn’t hit anyone badly as the audience didn’t resonate with the character that much), Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which hit many people as he was like a father to the Star-Lord and obviously, half of the universe in the Infinity War which left the audience silent.

It is believed that in the sequel, some heroes will not be able to make it out of Thanos’ assault like it is believed that since the contract of Chris Evans will be ending after the Avengers it is possible that he may die in the sequel. So, the MCU phase 4 will be like a new sun after the battle with Thanos but with some heartbreaking deaths before the beginning.

Spider-Man Homecoming’s sequel will kick off the MCU Phase 4

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

Spider-Man is poised to make a great impact in Infinity War than in the Civil War. It is confirmed that the events of its sequel are going to happen just a few minutes after the Avengers 4 movie ends. It is a very big responsibility on Spidey as he is the one who is going to start a new era of the MCU i.e., the Phase 4. Along with that, he will have to face Mysterio in upcoming sequel portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Unconventional Team-Ups confirmed

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

Kevin Feige has confirmed that MCU Phase 4 will be having quite a number of unconventional team-ups like the ones in Phase 3, first of which is the Thor and Hulk team-up in the Thor: Ragnarok. Another team-up that fascinated us was the teaming up of Bucky Barnes with the Wakandan Army to take down the Thanos war minions.

Hence, it is quite clear that once the Russos are done testing the waters with their ensemble cast, the MCU will have the formula down for partnering heroes, even if it is unconventional.

New Guardians ready for the action

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

Since James Gunn has confirmed that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be the end of the current guardians, new guardians were introduced in the Vol. 2 who were ravagers i.e., Yondu’s friends namely, Stakar Ogord (aka Starhawk), Martinex T’Naga, Charlie-27, Aleta Ogor, Krugarr and Mainframe.

And this makes sense as 3 movies are enough to shake things up, especially with so many cosmic faces spread across the universe like Quasar, Nova, Darkhawk and obviously, Adam Warlock, who has been introduced at the end of the GotG Vol. 2.

A new Avengers Landscape is confirmed

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

It’s not sure what exactly will the landscape be but Feige has confirmed that things will be different this time. With such high stake fight for the fate of the universe, many will think that the things will remain same. But fresh faces will be shown to break the monotony in the film. For example, Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel is going to the fray so it is definite that the Avengers will be getting a new look. There’s a possibility of new teams joining the fight from the comics like the Mighty or Uncanny squads.

These were the top 5 things that are confirmed to be happening in MCU Phase 4.

Now coming to the rumors for the MCU Phase 4:

Fox Characters may join the MCU

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

Fox characters like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four can join the MCU as Feige has left the door open for this to happen. Moreover, it is possible as Disney is bidding to buy Fox, and hence, since it’s not a done deal, t is characterized as a rumor.

Also, X-Men has been an important part of the Marvel Comics, factoring into the storylines with the Avengers in events such as AvX and Schism. Sharing is caring, after all, and since they have done so for the Skrulls, hopefully, they continue it on a bigger scale.

Focus on Youth

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

It is under process to have another Marvel hero join Peter Parker in the Homecoming sequel and rather than replace Iron Man with an experienced hero, rumors immediately began to spread that it would be another Spider-Man in Miles Morales.

However, apart from this, with a focus on youth being placed on series such as Runaways and Cloak and Dagger, legacy could be a theme for the screen. This is pointing towards the younger audiences by introducing young heroes.

Secret Invasion may happen

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

When Captain Marvel announced it would draw influence from the Kree Skrull ear, fans were delighted, especially because the concept art not only showed Brie Larson, but also the Skrulls in their MCU counterparts shape. We didn’t expect this because the Skrulls were used interchangeably with the Chitauri in the Ultimate universe.

The 2012’s The Avengers made us thought that since we have got the Chitauri, there would be no Skrulls but this is wrong since after the Captain Marvel Movie in 90s, maybe some of the Skrulls are still remaining which may lead to the Secret Invasion in the future MCU movies.

Sebastian Stan could be the new Captain America

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

After the breakout of the news of Chris Evans’ contract expiry after the Avengers 4, many have speculated that Bucky Barnes could be the new Cap like in the comics where he works with Nick Fury and Black Widow to bring justice to the shield.

Moreover, the shield can be passed to Sam Wilson, as in the current comics as he is close to Captain America. In the MCU, both are Cap’s valued allies, so the possibility of the shield being passed to either of them is possible.

Black Widow Solo Movie to be planned soon

Truths and Rumors about MCU Phase 4

Rumors about black widow’s solo movie are quite prevalent in the communities. It has been discovered that Jac Schaeffer is waiting for Scarlett Johansson to meet with her to discuss the movie. Another thing that is rumored is that the movie is going to be the prequel, taking place prior to her introduction in the movie Iron Man 2. This movie is quite anticipated by the fans and the fandom is excited to hear the news of the confirmation.

These were the top 10 Truths and Rumors about the MCU Phase 4. What are views on the above list? Do you think if have missed any particular MCU Phase 4 rumor? Do let us know in the comments below.

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