100 Thieves Annouces Their Fortnite Team Ahead Of 100 Million Fortnite Competitive Scene

100 Thieves

The 100 Thieves announced their own competitive Fortnite squad. It is relatively a new competitive eSports organization but it also shows interest in Fortnite competitive scene like other teams. Currently, there are three members in 100 Thieves Fortnite Team, they will announce the last one later.

The 100 Thieves Fortnite Team

100 Thieves Fortnite Team

The 100 Thieves CEO and founder, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag announced the Fortnite squad via official Twitter. Parallax, Kenith and Riskers will be in the 100 Thieves Fortnite Team and the fourth player will be announced soon.

The intro video highlights the squad goals and the taste of the skills and confidence that fans expect them from.

The reason behind the announcement of Fortnite Team by the various eSports organizations is the big announcement made by Epic Games on 21 May. On that day, Epic Games announced the $100 M pool prize for the Fortnite Competitive scene. These announcements are just starting much more is still remain to happen for the Fortnite Competitive scene. Soon you’ll witness more announcements of Fortnite Teams.

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