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Naughty dog’s take on a post apocalyptic game was loved by everyone back in 2013.Last of us was fun, story-driven and was a total masterpiece.After the huge success of uncharted series,last of us was their new ip to begin with and it did pretty amazingly well.

At E3 this year, we have all seen the glimpse of the game and later on at paris games week, we saw some footage which although can say confused us with what’s the game is about & what all we can expect.

At Psx early this month,Neil Druckmann confirmed the following:

  • “No One is Safe” said Neil, pretty sure the environment offers a dangerous area to play in.
  • Neil also confirmed the location saying the large part of the game is in Seattle.
  • New characters in game.
  • We can see other survivors left the cult(fireflies) for some reason,allying with each other will be a great thing to see.
  • 50% of the game is completed – we have to wait little bit longer.
  • Somebody in the game is pregnant, but it holds a lot of significance.It could be anybody but its interesting to see who and what follows after.
  • We can see more gameplay at E3 2018.

We are hyped and we are going to wait for the actual gameplay and more information in coming weeks.


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