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15 Interesting Facts About Captain Marvel That Every Fan Must Know!

Captain Marvel movie was announced officially by Marvel in 2014 and the fans have been super excited to see her on the big screen. Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers will be playing the superhero in MCU. Marvel has wasted no time for promotions the cast was proud to show-off Brie’s training regime she had to undergo for her role as Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel was the next big thing as a stand-alone for Marvel as the character has a long standing history and its own fandom and bringing her to the big screen would have been tough for Marvel.

Captain Marvel’s long history has some main events and also some smaller facts which were awesome but got forgotten over the period of time. Today we bring you some of these facts which a fan must know about their favourite superhero.

  1. She has split personality

Facts about Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel debuted in 1977, it was written by Gerry Conway. Ms. Marvel made it clear that women can be pretty cool and powerful superheroes and can give even the previous heroes a hard time. But when she debuted, she actually had split personality like Hulk and Banner. Whenever Carol needs powers of Ms. Marvel, the Carol part of her brain calls for Ms. Marvel and then Ms. Marvel takes over.

Carol really finds long gaps in her memory as weird and that could be the origin story in MCU as well. (Facts about Captain Marvel)

  1. The Wasp helped Ms. Marvel design the costume

Facts about Captain Marvel

When Carol fought off with Ronan, she felt the need to upgrade her costume.

She revamped her costume and only thing which she kept from her original costume was the red scarf which she used as her sash. And she didn’t design her costume alone. Janet Pym aka The Wasp helped her design her costume

  1. She was a hero even without powers

Facts about Captain Marvel

Carol lost her boyfriend due to Rogue’s mother Mystique. There’s bound to be conflict between them. In a fight with Rogue and her, Rogue absorbs her powers permanently.

This leaves a huge scar on Carol’s mind and X-Men help her recover from that. Even with her powers gone, she uses her skill as pilot and a military personnel to help X-Men and their purpose.

  1. Her most important fight was with herself

Facts about Captain Marvel

Carol was at her lowest in ‘Live Kree or die’ arc. She lives with her mother and is addicted to alcohol. Her bed surrounded with empty bottles. Iron Man, gone through some similar circumstances, comes to console and connect with Carol. But Carol blows up at him.

Even with god-like power, Carol is a human and has had her fair share of humanly troubles and loss of loved ones. Her fight with her addiction is one of her greatest fights. (Facts about Captain Marvel)

  1. She’s changed many her names multiple times


Facts about Captain Marvel

Carol takes on her name as Ms. Marvel as homage to Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel from whom she got her powers originally. But now we know she has taken on her name as Captain Marvel. But before donning this name, she has taken up many names, like Binary when she gets god-like power and Warbird when she loses all her powers. And now she finally has taken up her name as Captain Marvel.

  1. She’s lost her memory many times

Facts about Captain Marvel

When fighting with Rogue went too long and Rogue permanently absorbs her powers, she loses her memory as well. Professor X restored them but she had a hard time reconnecting to them and her emotions.

Carol also lost her memory as Captain Marvel. In order to save everyone she sacrifices her and her memories. She then has to go back to learn about her and with some help she remembers everything. (Facts about Captain Marvel)

  1. She sided with Iron-Man in Civil War

Facts about Captain Marvel

‘Civil War’ saw the superheroes breaking into two sides which tore the superhero community. Carol was a friend of Captain America, but Carol felt her duty towards government as she was originally from military. So, she decided to side with Iron-Man.

Carol was very serious about the Superhero Registration Act, and she was so serious that not only she enforced it, she even trained new superheroes.

  1. She has time traveled

Facts about Captain Marvel

Fans love time travel stories and Captain Marvel was no exception. When Kelly Sue DeConnick started the Captain Marvel run, she started it with time travel. But because of that we got to know her history and her strong bond with her mentor, Helen Cobb.

She got to hang out with her hero in her prime and we got to see Women’s Air Service Pilots Banshee Squad. (Facts about Captain Marvel)

  1. She was brainwashed

Facts about Captain Marvel

Carol once found herself with a child and then when that child turns into a man in a day, he explains her that he is responsible for all of that.

So what happens is that this immortal douchebag Marcus brainwashed Carol, teleported her to his dimension, assaulted her and then used her to be born in this dimension. After this heinous act he went on forward to make Carol stay in love with him.

  1. There’s a Kree structure in her brain

Facts about Captain Marvel

The Kree DNA is the main reason of her powers. It’s obvious that her brain also has Kree elements in it. As it turns out, her brain has an entire Kree structure.

When Carol starts getting headaches, the doctors try to image her brain but she absorbs all electromagnetic radiations. Even if she can heal, the Kree structure will make her lose memories if she pushes too hard. Because of this brain condition, she loses her memories.

  1. She found Vibranium on another planet

Facts about Captain Marvel

Carol once found Vibranium on another planet. When Refugees from another planet start to fall sick on their new planet, Carol discovers that they were suffering from vibranium sickness.

She recognizes the power of the element and she knows that the people need cure and not deportation, and sudden deportation would give vibranium to space pirates and Emperor.

  1. She has literally fought herself

Facts about Captain Marvel

Once Carol’s alternate version from another reality went on a rampage to destroy all versions Carol and Rogue from different realities. Her alternate reality could never turn her life around her alcohol addiction and therefore went on a rampage.

Carol had to fight her alternate reality Carol to stop it and it was a showdown of Warbird with Ms. Marvel which Ms. Marvel won. (Facts about Captain Marvel)

  1. She has already met Guardians of Galaxy

Facts about Captain Marvel

Carol spent lot of her time in space and hence carry out Avengers’ missions too. In 2014 issue of Captain Marvel she got a chance to meet Guardians of Galaxy.

In Infinity War, Guardians met Thor, and hence we could say that maybe she has already met Guardians in MCU as well!

  1. Captain America persuades her to take up the name of Captain Marvel

Facts about Captain Marvel

When the original Captain Marvel dies, she wasn’t the one to take his name from him because she considered that taking his name would be something taking personal from him.

But Captain America pointed out that the original Captain Marvel’s name was Mar-Vell and Captain Marvel was a legacy which was left behind by him for her to continue. With some hesitation, Carol agrees and take up the name of Captain Marvel. (Facts about Captain Marvel)

  1. Her cat is a unique alien

Facts about Captain Marvel

Carol is a cat person and her cat is named Chewie after Star Wars character. But it turns out that her cat is a unique alien species. Chewie is a Flerken, who are pretty deadly. Chewie can maintain a cat-like appearance because of her body’s use of pocket dimensions — there’s a lot of monster in that fluffy little body.   

What are views on these interesting facts about Captain Marvel? Do let us know in the comments below.

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