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Girlboss review, girls are empathetic, great and collaborative

Girlboss is an American comedy web television series of 13 episodes created by Kay Cannon. Starring Brit Roberson as Sophia Marlowe, Allie Reed as Annie, Sophia’s best friend, Johnny Simmons as Shane, Sophia’s love interest and Alphonso McAuley as Dax, a bartender studying business and Annie’s boyfriend.

The show is based on Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography which tells the story of how Amoruso started the company Nasty Gal while working as a campus safety host for San Francisco’s Academy of Art University.

This inspiring show begins portraying Sophia pushing her car which has broken down on the track and she winds up making the whole street packed. She speaks about a very true fact that Society just wants to put everyone in a box as she says that adulthood solely means, Grow Up, Get a Job, Become a drone and kill your dreams. But, she being a non-conformist wants to explore out a way to grow up without being a boring adult.

The lady sitting next to her, whom Sophia is narrating her life to, slaps he as she tells Sophia not to unnecessarily whine about how awful growing up is. Moving ahead to the story she tells that with her bestie Annie she goes to a bar where she liked a guy, (a drum master), enjoying the night fully, they all crash into Dax’s house to sleep and waking up next day in search of life and here’s an awesome dialogue which she says before going out to work i.e. “I am going to make some contribution to the society” (laughs). Unwillingly working in a shoe store she amusingly gets into an argument with her boss mere for a sandwich and winds up getting fired again. She runs out stealing a carpet and in feeding on roads, her dad asked to get back home as he can keep an eye on her and she may get idea what to do in life and may stop getting fired again and again from where ever she works. She gets really upset when being asked to share her dreams or what she actually wants in her life and gives a tangled reply as she herself doesn’t know what she wants but yeah she is pissed off from something, even she wants to know.


The series proceed where she buys a 1970’s  leather jacket from a vintage shop in $9 and suddenly an idea strikes her, she does a photo shoot of herself wearing the jacket and putting it for bidding on her newly created website. She gets astonished to see that bidding rate is rapidly increasing overnight from $170 to $128 and by the morning reaching up to $450. Finally she’s got to know what she actually wants in life and she closes the bidding on final $650, yeah! That’s what she was looking for so long, this is her kinda life style, being in bed, working, and getting handsome bucks too. Moving on further for more, she steals a business management book and goes through it, but as Sophie combs an estate sale for a vintage clothes but gets sidelined by a mysterious bikini-area injuring and goes to the free clinic and when diagnosed, she gets to know that she’s got an hernia.

Sophia still needs a name for her eBay store, so she drags Shane (her beloved) around the city hoping inspiration will strike. But it’s not a date. They both spent great time together, sharing heartfelt talks. While walking they come across a game and Shane wins a Rubik’s keychain out of that and give it as a gift to Sophia, seeing this she gets excited and decides to name her store as Rubik’s Vintage as its beautiful and complicated and her style too, but after a while she again gets low for the name she set for her store is okay but not special. Finally naming it as Nasty Gal Vintage. She gets acquainted with her first challenge, when an angry bride-to-be sends back a discoloured” dress, Sophia scrambles to fix it in time for the wedding so that her seller rating won’t get ruined and she manages to hand it over to her within the time frame.

Sophia reflects on her friendship with Annie, including an ill-fated trip to Coachella, after they have a fight about her my space page, but going down the memory lane Sophia explores, they are meant to be together. In addition to it, before Shane goes on a trip, they sleeps together carefully. When Sophia gets health insurance, she ponders quitting her new job but giving second thought to her opinion she changes her idea and drops her decision and decides to work there only and gets her hernia repaired.

Nasty Gal is getting a serious buzz, but not everyone’s a fan, including the online rival (remembrances) who shows up unannounced at Sophia’s place. Mrs. Gail visits her and asks to maintain and respect the honour of vintage dresses but rather she gets convinced from Sophia’s work. Sophia, Annie ad Dax take a road trip to LA to see Shane. Annie and Dax have a mind bending experience after the night.

Almost close to her success story, Sophia finds a perfect huge space for her office and she needs to ask her dad for help, so Dax draws up a business plan to impress him, and Sophia brings Shane along as a buffer. She shows all paper graphs to her dad and she manages to convince him as a co-signer in her agreement, but she gets screwed up when he asks to put the lease agreement in his name. She again heads to look for new one and sets the deal with Brut, the owner of a dock garage.
Annie asks Sophia for a paying job but gets upset by the answer she gets. Sophia has a hard time as the members of the Vintage Fashion Forum lashes out at her, winding up hatching a conspiracy against her and getting her website suspended from eBay, meanwhile Annie also quits her friendship for Sophia being so mean. She latter reconnects with an important face from her past. She hires an Ivy League Grad to build a new Nasty Gal website. When Shane’s band records a demo, his relationship with Sophia hits a snag, as she gets to know that Shane is one who cheated on her.

Here comes the end, the final day of celebration i.e. The Launch Day, Sophia’s old friends show up at the Nasty Gal Launch party to celebrate. But she struggles to stay focused in the face of betrayal.

In short, this gave a beautiful message that it doesn’t matter whether you are young or adult, girl or a boy, matured or inexperienced, when life exposes you to the worst, come out giving your best hard. It’s perfectly fine to not follow titular society rules and be a non-conformist.


Ratings- 4/5

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