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Love, Lust and Confusion Review, comedy of perplexities in love.

Love, Lust and Confusion is a realistic, romantic dramedy series on Web Channel Viu and YouTube, directed by Victor Mukherjee. Starring Tara Alisha Berry and UDAAN famed actor Rajat Barmecha in lead roles, along with Meghna Kaushik, Meiyang Chang, Gaurav Chopra, Samir Kochhar, Ankit Bathla, Neha Anand and Madhurima Roy.

Tara Alisha Berry known for her works in Bollywood and Telugu cinema. Done wonders in her previous movie “Love Games”,  she is now all set to rock hard web series with her talents, making her debut for “Love, Lust and Confusion” can be seen in a pivotal role in this series with other renowned stars.

Love, Lust and Confusion

What the series reel around?

The series whirls around the life of a young girl, Paroma Sarkar (Tara Alisha Berry) depicting the age of indecisiveness, physical exploration, and confusion. The series also explores the perspective of youngsters on the topic that mirrors today’s youth and their bewilderness in life, the series is about couples and the ongoing confusion in their love lives.

It commences portraying Paroma Sarkar a 26-year-old cartoonist, getting matched with her childhood sweetheart Rohan Chatterjee. While celebrating their love moments Rohan tells her that he will be going to US for the next 14 months, then she also decides to go to Mumbai to explore her before her marriage and successfully convinces her parents and Roha for that. On the other hand Johnny gets duped by his girlfriend, Rachna, whom he was dating for past 3 years. Series drags ahead with a beautiful dialogue by Paroma, “Every journey has a different beginning and this is the journey of my life”, going through her art journal and pondering that she has a bucket list to be ticked off before she gets married.

While on almost reaching to Mumbai, she tries to maintain her long distance relationship with Rohan but the time management becomes an obstacle. One thing leads to another, on her first meeting with her client, Jeet-a vegan chef, she ends up sleeping with him and ticks off another one from her list. While swiping left on a dating app Johnny meets Chetna and his friends snatches the phone from his hand and arranges a meeting for both of them and what follows is a mind blowing encounter. Yudi (Meiyang Chang) gives her (Paroma) another project Dinger! and Paroma has a hilarious interview with Robbie, at the end of which he invites her to his party. Paroma forces Molly to join her and she agrees to tag along with her date, surprisingly it comes out to be Jeet. Karma bitches happen to be performing at the same venue. Followed by an awkward introduction between Johnny and Paroma, he advises her to confront Molly and finally the blunder ends with their compromise.

Paroma and Johnny share their heartfelt love for food over half a donut, in the process spotting Rachna and Suraj, they put their Sherlock-mode on and begin spying then until a brilliant idea sprouts Paroma’s mind and that was to create a fake profile to stalk Suraj and be sure of his intentions, which went in vain. On the other side Paroma finds herself being attracted to Nikita, the lead of Karma Bitches, while talking to her and Nikita winding up making her move and she doesn’t shy anyway!

Love, Lust and Confusion

What is anticipated?

A good one but way too much perplexed series depicting true story of how indecisive, easy going and blunt the youth is,in regard to their relationships and love life, irrespective of the outcomes. A nice try as a mirror to society with more eye-opening and helpful solutions anticipated in further episodes.

This 13 episode series is going to reserve the audience every saturday. Watch the bewilderness ‘tween love and lust on 17th march, 2018.

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