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How to Disable ‘Apps Are Using Battery’ Notification on Galaxy S9

Disable ‘Apps Are Using Battery’ Notification on Galaxy S9 !!

Samsung recently launched their flagship smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus at MWC 2018 held in Barcelona. The smartphones have some noticeable features like the Ultra slow motion videos at insane 960 fps and new AR emojis.Samsung Galaxy S9 also has the best display ever on a smartphone beating the iPhone 10 and Google pixel 2 XL.

Previously, If you were using older Android version and now shifted to the Android Oreo then and then you might have noticed that the Android system display notifications that says that these apps are consuming battery. This is a new feature of Android which can be annoying for many users especially while doing some important work. But if you don’t care about that notification it can be disabled with few doing just a few clicks. So Read on further to know how to do it.

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Here Are the Steps Disable ‘Apps Are Using Battery’ Notification on Galaxy S9

Step 1. When the notification appears, slide down the notification bar and swipe Right on the “X Apps are Using Battery” notification. Then on the left of the notification, you can see there will be two options. You have to tap on the settings icon to access the notification settings of that App on your system.

Step 2.

After tapping on this settings icon in the next menu detailed notification settings will appear. Now scroll down and find “Apps consuming battery” in the list of system notifications. Turn this notification off and you are done. Now onwards this will not display the notification for consuming battery. Enjoy!

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In Android system, there are some Notifications like of wifi, Sim card etc which cannot be disabled as they appear to aware the user. But notifications like above can be disabled by following the same procedure. So that’s all about How to Disable ‘Apps Are Using Battery’ Notification on Galaxy S9. if you have any further query feel free to ask us.

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