20 Most Powerful Cosmic DC Comic Characters That Every Fan Must Know!

Superheroes were once considered a children’s amusement but with MCU and DCEU popping up in the last decade, the perspective has really changed and the superhero game has been taken to another level. While MCU already is the successful venture for Marvel Studios, with DC the DCEU hasn’t been much of a success. But DC comics have been popular with the audiences and the fans are still on their toes when it comes to the comics.DC Universe has been blessed with a variety of characters both strong and weak. Today we look at the top 20 most powerful cosmic DC Universe’s characters ranked officially! (Cosmic Entities)

20. Adam Strange

Cosmic DC

Adam Strange (Cosmic DC) was a very early character, created by Julius Schwarz and Murphy Anderson in 1958. Adam was a simple archaeologist when he was transported to the other side of the galaxy on the planet Rann by ‘Zeta Beam’ technology.

Adam doesn’t have any superhero abilities but as an adopted son of planet Rann, he has saved the planet and the people many times using just his intelligence, a jetpack and a trusty ray gun. (Cosmic Entities)

19. Hawkwoman

Cosmic DC

Hawkwoman (Cosmic DC) has many versions in the comics but the best one was the Shayera Thal version. Shayera was a member of Thanagarian Police Force who worked alongside Katar Hol. When the events of ‘Zero Hour’ took place, it caused the merging of Carter, Shayera and Katar to fuse into Hawkwoman.

As a Thanagarian, Thal possesses Nth metal and can defy gravity. She also has a bit of a super strength but compared to others, it’s not too much of a power upgrade.

18. Hawkman

Cosmic DC (Cosmic Entities)

Hawkman (Cosmic DC) also has many different versions but for this list, we’ll take the character of Carter Hall. He was first introduced as the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince. But later Thanagar was introduced and also Carter Hall.

Carter has the power of reincarnation and he has existed across multiple time periods in different lives. He also has the Nth metal which grants him super strength, enhanced healing powers and advanced alien technology and can defy gravity, all thanks to his relations to Thanagar. (Cosmic Entities)

17. Vril Dox

(Cosmic Entities) Cosmic DC

Vril Dox (Cosmic DC) is the son of the original Brainiac, the guy who was obsessed with putting cities in bottles and giving Superman a hard time again and again. While Vril was the son of a villain but he didn’t turn out to be a villain actually.

Vril formed an organization called the L.E.G.I.O.N. – a peacekeeping organization protecting outer space for several years. Although he doesn’t have any superpowers his 12th level intellect puts him in this list. (Cosmic Entities)

16. Jemm, Son of Saturn

Cosmic DC

Jemm, Son of Saturn (Cosmic DC) was a mini-series which included him and the other people from Saturn. Jemm’s people were cloned from Green Martians. While people from Saturn can’t shapeshift like the Martians they have same other powers like the Green Martians.

Jemm, having all the powers of Green Martians can also regenerate rapidly. Jemm was only seen on earth while looking for his lover Syraa. He spends most of the time in space ruling his people on Saturn. He was in charge of three Saturnian tribes which led him to this list. (Cosmic Entities)

15. Ultraa, the Multi – Alien

(Cosmic Entities) Cosmic DC

Ultraa (Cosmic DC) has a weird story to start off. He was an astronaut from Earth who crash landed on a planet far away from Earth. While he was on that planet, he ran into four aliens fighting each other. Each wanted to make him their slave, they fired special weapons which is used to turn someone into their own species. But when all fired on him simultaneously, he gained powers of all four aliens – super strength, flight, magnetism, and electro kinesis. (Cosmic Entities)

14. Tanga

In Weird Worlds Vol. 2 #1 in 2011 by Kevin Maguire, we were introduced to a new character Tanga (Cosmic DC). She talks about meeting the members of Green Lantern, but we have never seen the character interacting with one.

But in terms of power, she is the guardian of the planet of Cammera. She spends most of her time defeating monsters on Cammera. She lacks fine tuning of her strength but her raw powers are enough to put her on this list. (Cosmic Entities)

13. Prince Gavyn

Prince Gavyn (Cosmic DC) was a spoilt alien prince from another world. Gavyn was killed in order to prevent to take his own world’s throne.

Eventually Gavyn got wristbands which allowed him to fire energy blasts and also fly in outer space. He took on the name of ‘Starman’ and also gave superpowers to Will Payton version of Starman. (Cosmic Entities)

12. Captain Comet

Adam Blake (Cosmic DC) was one of the few characters which were created in ’50s by Julius Schwarz, John Broome, and Carmine Infantino. He was one of the few metahumans which was born with his powers.

The story of Captain Comet was simple, he was born a hundred thousand years before the era where his powers would be common. Describing that era to be the pinnacle of human evolution, Comet has genius IQ, telepathy, mind control, super strength, teleportation and other powers which would even superman’s power to test.

11. Maxima

Again, there are many versions of Maxima (Cosmic DC) as well, but for the list we’ll take the one introduced in New 52 who was so obsessed with Superman becoming her husband so that they can rule over her home world of Almerac.

Maxima packs some incredible psychic abilities, including telekinesis, a low level of mind control, and enough strength to give even Doomsday a hard time. No wonder she made her way in this list. (Cosmic Entities)

10. Starfire

Starfire (Cosmic DC) is basically a princess from another world, she has spent time with Teen Titans as well. She also spent her time in outer space with Animal Man and Adam Strange and in Rann-Thanagarian fight against Lady Styx.

Starfire has ability to absorb energy and can fly in outer space. Also her absorption of energy gives her super strength, durability and other abilities. Her raw power are no joke and thus lands her in this list.

9. Mikaal Tomas

Mikaal (Cosmic DC) was an alien Invader at first. But when he landed on earth, he changed enough to fight against his own people. Mikaal used the power of sonic crystal to protect the Earth.

The crystal gave him the power of flight and energy projection. He was already an alien, so with his longevity, he has spent decades as a hero. He is the third person to take on the name of Starman.

8. Valor

Mon-El aka the Valor (Cosmic DC) is a Daxamite putting him in the same league as Superman roughly. Lar Gand has super-strength, speed, flight, x-ray vision, heat vision, microscopic and telescopic vision powers, invulnerability, and super hearing.

But he’s vulnerable to lead and is kept alive by an anti-lead serum which was modified by Brainiac 5. He’s one of the most powerful member of the Legions of Super-Heroes.

7. Waverider

Matthew Ryder is a scientist from 2030, a world were a monster known as Monarch took over and killed all superheroes of Earth. Matthew uses a time machine to save the world, which is not perfect and has killed everyone who has used it before. Matthew has merged with time stream itself after he used the time machine.

He gained the power to time travel, fly at the speed of light and see a person’s past and future. Waverider (Cosmic DC) worked along with DC heroes to take down a hero which becomes the Monarch.

6. Darkstars

Darkstars (Cosmic DC) are an interstellar police force, much like the Green Lantern Corps. They have these devices called the – ‘exo mantles’ which draw power from the Controllers, a cousin to the Guardians of the Universe. The mantles augmented their strength and speed, making them capable of interstellar travel as well as firing energy bolts.

The real weakness of this group is the mantles they are wearing can be cut off from power if they aren’t obeying orders. Still their power with mantles made them land in this list.

5. Green Lantern Corps.

The Green Lantern Corps (Cosmic DC) were an attempt by the Guardians to bring order to the Universe. Men and women with exceptional moral character were given special Power Rings — items of advanced technology that run on the collective willpower of the universe, they allow their users to create literally anything they can imagine.

The rings are the most powerful items but has a weakness, insufficient willpower can cause ring to not work or work inefficiently.

4. Infinity Man

Infinity Man (Cosmic DC) is always one of the most powerful warriors of the members of New Genesis. His identity remains a mystery even now.

Infinity-Man has seemingly limitless strength and endurance, invulnerability, flight, ability to “phase” through matter, vast energy and matter manipulation, magnetic powers, and Infinity-Beams. Other powers include a form of advanced healing and telepathy.

His powers make him the most powerful of the New Genesis and also giving him a seat in the list.

3. Orion

Orion is the son of Darkseid (Cosmic DC) himself. He’s considered one of the most powerful allies of the New Genesis.

Orion struggles to control his rage and inner brutal nature but manages to remain stable. He derives power from his Astro Harness which is capable of harnessing energy directly from what Orion calls Astro Force.

2. Nix Uaton

The savior of Earth-51 was pretty good at messing it up until he got the help of the supermen across the multiverse, the Zoo Crew and the Green Lantern Corps to restore and save Earth 51.

From being one of the Monitors, Nix (Cosmic DC) has almost god-like abilities from super everything to dimension travel, reality alteration and accelerated healing, he’s one of the most powerful cosmic heroes.

1. Ahl

Ahl (Cosmic DC) is referred to as God of Superheroes. Ahl left Final Heaven and arrived on Earth where the headquarters of Justice League. The very notion of superheroes as a concept originates with Ahl.

Ahl is like Superman of the Superman and has with him every power from immortality to time travel. But he has only one weakness, which happens to be “the brick that can think” which actually killed him.

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