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Details About Flash’s Daughter From The Future revealed

In one of the most epic moments of Flash, the mystery girl who had kept the fans on their toes turned out to be none other than Barry’s daughter Nora Allen from the future ending the finale in a cliffhanger of sorts.

Details About Flash's Daughter From The Future revealed

Recently leaked reports from the sets speculate her costume to be resembling that of Jenni Ongats. While many fans speculated that she was one of the tornado twins, she turns out to be modelled on another speedster from the DC Universe. In the comics she is the granddaughter of Barry and is called XS in very much the similar way Barry Allen is called The Flash. Unlike Barry’s signature red streak of lightning, she is shown to have a mix of red and purple streak. Which is like an easter egg since her father Barry has the red streak and her mother Iris had the purple streak when she momentarily became Flash. In a certain way the show has turned Nora Allen into an amalgamation of Barry’s daughter Nora and granddaughter Jenni in the comics. Her name might be an attempt to pay homage to Barry’s mother who became a tragic victim to the lunacies of Eobard Thorne aka The Reverse Flash. The scene in which Reverse Flash kills Barry’s mother and subsequent renditions of the same scene were heart-breaking for the fans.

Details About Flash's Daughter From The Future revealed

But there is no official release of her costume by show. The sources are claiming that part of the costume is the same jacket she wore when she revealed herself to Barry Allen and company at the end of Season 4 finale. That jacket belongs to Nora’s mother in the present day and she supposedly gifts it to her daughter as revealed by Nora. Fans were quick to notice that Iris wore the same jacket in season 4 episode 16 Flash titled “Run Iris Run” in which Iris accidentally gets Barry’s powers for a day before everything changes back to status quo. Poor Iris. Incidentally Nora was wearing the same jacket when she helped her father save the city and destroy the satellite.

Details About Flash's Daughter From The Future revealed

When she revealed herself to the company she also said that she had made a mistake leaving the fans at the edge of their seats. The show’s producer Todd Helbing sad in an interview “She comes back for a specific reason, not only to see her parents and meet everybody on the team, which you saw all throughout the season — there’s four specific times that she came back, and you’re gonna learn about why she chose those four times and how they’re gonna play into not only the mistake that she made, but the consequences for somebody like her, a speedster traveling from the future to the past, and what that means for Barry and the team,”

Flash is currently filming in Canada.

The Flash Season 5 is slated to release on October 9 on The CW.

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