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A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Release Date, Trailer

Be prepared to take on another magical adventure this year as one of the most popular magic and fantasy based anime A Certain Magical Index is making its return after 8 years with season 3. Recently, the staff members of the anime revealed A Certain Magical Index aka Toaru Majutsu no Index Season 3 trailer along with the release date. Say welcome back! to Toma with the official trailer.

 A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Trailer

Toma can be easily spotted in the trailer once again as the protagonist. He hasn’t changed much from past seasons. Trailer puts him in several action sequences. Index and Mikoto Miksaka are also shown in the trailer in action-packed magical fights with other magic warriors.

From the trailer, you can easily predict the intensity of action in the  Toaru Majutsu no Index season 3 aka A Certain Magical Index Season 3.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Release Date

The Officials said, “A Certain Magical Index III starts airing on 5 October 2018, 22:00 (Japan Standard Time). Series director Hiroshi Nishikori is returning to oversee the third season along with the lead voice actors.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3

If you don’t know about Toaru Majutsu no Index aka A Certain Magical Index, it is a popular novel by Kazuma Kamachi. It follows the story of Academy City where supernatural abilities are common to exists where Toma has an ability to nullify the abilities of others. When he meets a mysterious girl named Index who run away from the church, he discovers the dark secrets of the societies filled with dangerous magic or super ability users.

Anime’s first season was released in 2008 followed by the second season in 2010. Now, the third season is returning after 8 long years and I am not able to control my feelings to see the anime after such a long time.

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