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A Chinese New Year Event might come to Fortnite

Marshmello Fortnite Concert has been a huge success for Epic Games as approximately 10 million concurrent players tuned in the game to watch the in-game event live. With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we might see a new event related to it.

The People’s Republic of China will celebrate their New Year on February 5. Epic Games have been really up to the mark when it comes to the Limited Time Events. We might witness an event marking the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

According to a leaker named FireMonkeyFN, there will be a Chinese New Year Event which will feature a variety of skins, fireworks. The event will be celebrated at Lucky Landing.

The leaker has also shared a video on Twitter which only lasts for a couple of seconds.

There is no official confirmation from Epic Games in relation to this event. Also, no such announcement has been made yet by Epic Games.

But the in-game message has teased a new ‘Bottle Rockets’ item, and there is a chance it might be included to represent the fireworks for the Chinese New Year party or event.

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