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Ab Dil Ki Sunn trailer, Shama Sikander Is Back With An Enticing Series

Ab Dil Ki Sunn,  is an upcoming Hindi short drama web series directed by Sam Khan starring Shama Sikander, Gaurav Chopra and Rizwan Sikander. The series is presented by Shama Sikander films under its banner. The series is all about the great joy of love and how one overcomes the disparity caused when your loved ones betray you.


Ab Dil Ki Sunn trailer begins portraying Shama Sikander as contented and enjoying every bliss of love along with Gaurav Chopra, her lover and suddenly despair stricks her and she is being shown attempting every best damn step to get over her agony. This trailer of the series about love covered every step of disquietness and unease one goes through when friends, family and even your beloved doesn’t support you and betrays you. When your lover, whom you trust so much and many times is your second self, destroys you. Shama Sikander has so well portrayed this feeling making it so transparent that you can also feel whatever she is going through when life interrupted her and she feels chocked. When you don’t feel like living any longer mere because of the atrocities you are being thrown at and especially when they are heart-sinking. You are the only option for yourself to overcome or get carried away. Found alone and helpless you are being forced into situations you don’t want to be in, you seem so naive and find the only option which is to finish up your life. How do you survive and thrive? Do these situations make you stronger or do they scare the hell out of you making you hate yourself and your life?

Shama Sikander is a renowned and award-winning Indian actress popular for her hosting in many TV programs and as many reality show contestant. She has gained remarkable fame in modelling. She has added many feathers in her cap by giving the best of her performances and bagging esteemed awards like Annual Lion’s Gold Award ‘critics choice’ Best Actress and Indian Television Academy Awards for best and great face in Bollywood.


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