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Abilities of Captain Marvel Revealed, She Can Move Planets!!

Captain Marvel is the next character to be introduced in the MCU, and the first instalment of the franchise is set to release in 2019 before the Avengers 4 release. While Captain Marvel’s strength is no less than a superhuman in the comics, we were yet to see MCU’s adaptation of the character and what all are the abilities of Captain Marvel in the MCU.

abilities of captain marvel

While we were still getting hints and updates from various sources about the abilities of Captain Marvel, the actress Brie Larson, who’s playing the character recently revealed in an interview the extent of the strength her character has in the movie.

In an interview with E! News, the actress told the fans the challenges the team had to face with a character so strong, that she can move planets. Yes, Captain Marvel can move planets in MCU. While this may sound a bit of a stretch, this is true and considering the character in the comics, this is entirely possible.

In the comics, Captain Marvel is a superhuman with abilities like superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes. On the base powers like these, she can absorb various energies and can toggle up her abilities. That means, more the energy she consumes, more powerful she becomes, due to her durability also rising with more absorption of energy, it’s unlikely that she can reach her saturation point of absorption easily. Therefore, it’s possible for Captain Marvel to absorb energy and move a planet after absorbing and increasing her strength. Also, the actress also mentioned that the team is doing a proud project and fans should be excited and will get to see more of their favourite superhero soon.

What do you think about the abilities of Captain Marvel? Do you think that she can move a planet in MCU? Or it’s stretched a bit far by the actress? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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