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Google to Place AI-Powered Virtual Agents in Call Centres

Google to Place AI-Powered Virtual Agents in Call Centres

Google at I/O 2018 announced the google duplex – the capability of its virtual assistant by which it can automatically take call for you and book your appointments ( without your interruption). Now the company says that it has Cisco and Genesys to work upon Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that will replace some of the work in call centres.

The software is dubbed “Contact Center AI” which will install “virtual agents” that will be the first to pick up the phone when a customer connects to a call centre.

When the customer asks something that the AI cannot do, it will automatically forward the call to a human,” said Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist at Google, during the Cloud Next conference late on Tuesday.

Our true goal is to empower a contact centre’s human agents, as well as the customers that rely on them. To do this, we built a complete solution with our partners that includes Dialog flow Enterprise Edition, as well as additional capabilities that are particularly useful for contact centres,” Li added.

Google to Place AI-Powered Virtual Agents in Call Centres

In this AI technology, when a call is placed, the Virtual Agent greets the customer and answers questions is the simplest and related way to the customer’s query. When a caller’s needs surpass the Virtual Agent, the call is transferred to a human executive.

From there, the system shifts to a supporting role whereby Contact Centre AI’s Agent Assist system supports the conversation and provides the agent with relevant information,” Google said.

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It’s compliant with our data privacy and governance policies, and it does it all without infrastructure, on a platform that scales as much or as little as you need,” Li noted.

AI is empowerment, and we want to democratise that power for everyone and every business — from retail to agriculture, education to health care,” she added.

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