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Airtel Rs 649 plan to offer 90GB data per month, unlimited calling on postpaid

Bharti Airtel may have been rattled by Reliance Jio, but it refuses to back down. The New Airtel postpaid plan, called the Airtel Rs 649 plan, gives you 90 GB of data per month with rollover.

Why the New Airtel Postpaid Plan?

airtel rs 649 plan

Recently, the competition for postpaid plan space has increased tremendously. Reliance Jio came into the Postpaid picture and announced their Rs 199 plan, which offers 25 GB of data for 28 days and unlimited calling, along with all the Jio services. Vodafone already has its RED plans, starting from Rs 399 and gave 20 GB of data and recently added unlimited calling to it. Airtel has a similar plan and offers Wynk music subscription along with it.

What does the Airtel Rs 649 plan have to offer?

But there are no good plans for higher data requirement. Airtel’s 649 plan earlier gave you only 50GB of data (with rollover) and unlimited calling. Airtel wants to crush the competition and so it revamped the Airtel Rs 649 plan to increase data limit to 90 GB per month and allow addition of another family connection to the number at no extra cost.
Adding another number to the plan costed Rs 99 earlier, but its free for the new Airtel Postpaid Plan. The Airtel 90 GB plan also allows data rollover, meaning that you can utilise current month’s remaining data in the next one. Not just data and calling, Airtel also offers a paid subscription for free to the Wynk Music Service.

airtel rs 649 plan


And the deal just keeps on getting sweeter. The Airtel 90 GB plan also provides a one year Amazon Prime subscription for free. The service itself costs as much as the plan itself. Along with it, the New Airtel Postpaid plan also signs you up for a free Handset Protection service.

Our Take

The new Airtel Rs 649 plan shows the company’s new direction at providing consumer quality service. Now, customers don’t need to shell out too much and still make no compromise. Providing 90 GB for a month for two people makes a lot of sense as many a times mobile data isn’t used as much. Plus the rollover always helps. We highly recommend geting thisplan for you and a family member.


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