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‘Akoori’ Upcoming Web Series Starring Darshan Zariwala From Zee5

After delivering a successful biopic drama series Karenjit Kaur based on the life of ex-pornstar Sunny Leone, Zee5 is bringing a light-hearted comedy series Akoori that revolves around a Parsi family. It stars Darshan Zariwala, a well-known face across Bollywood for his comedic roles in movies like Style, Gandhi My Father, etc. The story of the web series revolves around an ageing Parsi gentleman played by Darshan who is dealing with various crises in his life at this point. First, of them being, his wife going into a coma, then he has to unite his broken family and last saving his lodge from his greedy younger brother. (Akoori Web series)

Akoori Web series darshan zariwala

The trailer gives a good glimpse of the series which looks to be filled with warmth and a few adult jokes sprinkled here and there. Darshan Zariwala is surely the highlight of the series which not only will focus on the comedic part but also draw our attention to some emotional and bittersweet experiences we share with our family. Akoori also stars Lillete Dubey, Shadam Kamal, Zoa Morani, Sohrab Sunny, Adi Irani and Harsh Nagar. (Akoori Web series)

The trailer surely promises it to be a refreshing story that will take us through the crazy Parsi household and the hilarious circumstances created by them because of their idiocracy. It is targeted towards the youth who may immediately connect with the script. We will have to wait till August 30th when Akoori will be available to stream on your phones. (Akoori Web series)

You can enjoy this upcoming hilarious series on Zee5 with a two-month subscription of 99/- and 499/- for a year, the offer lasts till August 15.

What are views on the upcoming series Akoori? Do let us know in the comments below.

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