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Alex Strangelove Trailer, Hilarious Teenage Love Perplexities

Alex Strangelove is an upcoming movie in the list of Netflix. Alex Strangelove is directed by Craig Johnson, starring Daniel Doheny, a Canadian newcomer along with Daniel Doheny, Madeline Weinstein, Antonio Marziale, Daniel Zolghadri, Annie Q., Nik Dodani, Fred Hechinger, KE, Isabella Amara, Sophie Faulkenberry, Joanna Adler, William Ragsdale, Dante Costabile, Ayden Mayeri.

Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove’s trailer begins showcasing a perplexed High School guy, Alex Truelove who has everything, a great girlfriend, awesome group of hilarious friends and is a party president. Everything was glossy until he meets a gay boy who isn’t afraid to confront that he has a crush on Alex, while Alex has no idea of what he actually feels and whether he actually feels anything or not. He finds love so strange that he gets way too much confused about what’s happening around as he is seeing girls doing girls and guys doing guys and no head and tail about what’s right and wrong. Ends up realising that love is too strange to be handled as you grow old as he gets into the sexual and self- exploration of himself and realises that things do become strange when you grow too much.

With an interview with EW, CRAIG JOHNSON shared: Each film is still a challenge. I think anytime you try to make something that is a little bit off the beaten path, it becomes challenging to get it financed — and Alex was no different. And it was challenging for different reasons. This one was hard not because of the subject matter, but the cast was entirely kids. When we were first shopping it around, the traditional studios would say, “We love this. However, could you beef up one of these teacher roles or parent roles so we can cast a movie star, and then we’ll finance it?” Honest to God, I tried different versions of it, but those versions just didn’t hold water. This story is really about the high school kids, and there just are not a lot of young actors who can play a 17-year-old who then also draw in financing. So it really came down to Netflix with their model of original films. The financing is not based on any opening weekend, so they were like, “We love this. Cast whoever you want” — which we did!

Alex Strangelove

Alex Strangelove will stream on June 8, 2018, only on Netflix.


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