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All new Poison Trap coming to Fortnite with update v8.20

Epic Games is going to introduce another trap for the Fortnite Battle Royale game. The new Poison Trap will arrive with the latest update v8.20 for the game.

If any player will step on the trap, it will trigger and inflict poison damage to the player. It is not yet clear whether the trap will only cause initial damage or whether it will keep giving damage over a longer duration.

The upcoming update v8.20 is going to be released tomorrow at 5 AM EST.

The in-game description of this new item reads the following: “It’s a Poison Trap! Watch your step lest you trigger a trap!”

Fortnite Poison Trap

It is also expected to work similarly to Damage Trap and can be placed on side walls and ceilings.

The upcoming update will also bring the all-new Arena mode to the game.
Also, from April 13th you can take part in the Open Qualifiers for Fortnite World Cup finals.

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