ALTBalaji presents Galti se Mis-tech  a series based on a modern day couple story. Directed by Puja Banerji and Ashutosh Matela is a 10 part series, starring Rithvik Dhanjani and Anita Hassanandani. Unlike others,each webisode gonna occupy 5 minutes, making the whole thing crisp and bright.

Galti Se Mis-Tech

Galti Se Mis-Tech is a relatable story of every couple these days. As we all at some point of our lives or in our friend’s life gets a fortunate chance to experience and witness the brawls of a relationship over certain cliches. Ooops, they may be CLICHES! for you (guys) but never take them for granted if you wish to settle the quarrel amicably. Like every couple, Shivam and Dhara who face technology goof-ups which really put them off in their relationship. “The two of them face certain technology glitches which nearly put them into funny brawls”.

Series begun portraying the favourite thing for all the girls out there but bit annoying for most of the guys. Guess what?, SELFIE! And the laughable thing is they can’t utter a word against it, hahahahaha! Can get their plight as Shivam is watching a match and Dhara gets in and asks him to take a selfie with her to upload on social sites and end up taking lot of them. CAUTION: When a guy is watching cricket, dare not to bother him.LOL! That was so hilarious to see him tossing on couch as Dhara stoods between him and his match again n again. Every girl wants to cook for her man, ohh! i missed, cook Delicious for her man. ROFL!  Either god or the guys themselves know where the lunch box goes? And when guys get to know that it’s gonna be a first experiment that too with the help of a youtube tutorial, they are then the best ones to come up with really undeniable excuses. Another amusing scene follows when Shivam comes from office and Dhara tells him she is preparing food for him. When asked, what? she replies “BHADWA BAINGAN” which is actually “BHARWA BAINGAN”. My gosh! I couldn’t control my laughter over. Shivam is being taken to the task by Dhara, when she pics up his phone and on the other side is a guy calling from ‘Tomato’ asking for Shivam as he is their regular customer but gave less stars today. DING DONG! Here rings the bell, now she checks into the order history of Tomato in his phone and gets the whole idea of, “where the lunch goes?” thing.

Galti Se Mis-Tech

Wonderful, creative and most importantly not at all annoying for its crisp and crystal time frame. Great in little and very much relatable with the couples of now-a-days. Stars, directors and the whole team perfectly managed to blend all the things including, comedy, dramatisation and the issues which were required to make it a watchable piece.

RATING-4/5 Stars