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AltBalaji Releases Trailer for Zaban Sambhal Ke Remake

AltBalaji has grabbed a lot of eyeballs in the last few years with content concerning all types of audiences be it, family or young adult. But in all of this, the AltBalaji shows that are able to turn most heads and grab attention lies in the adult category be it Gandi Baat or Ragini MMS series. So, it seems that streaming service has found the formula to target the Indian population that is why AltBalaji is set to remake Zaban Sambhal Ke with crass humour. The 90s hit comedy show starring Pankaj Kapur in the lead role will be revived again but is packed with crass humour that makes it strict adult series as compared to original one which was suited for all the age groups.

Zaban Sambhal Ke teaser trailer was revealed just a day back focused majorly on the three leading ladies which will add oomph qoutent to the show. Zaban Sambhal Ke star cast includes Sumeet Raghavan who will be stepping into the shoes of Pankaj Kapur and will essay the role of Hindi teacher. Further, in the trailer, we are introduced to various characters and given a glimpse of double meaning dialogues that take the fun element away from such a classic series.

In the promo, one of the students tells the teacher that ‘Jee toh Kar Raha hai aapke muh mein de doon.” And, he later adds ‘ghee shakkar’. An Arab student introduces himself to an English woman, which leaves her perplexed. His name is Al Fakr and the lady misunderstands it initially.

zaban sambhal ke trailer

With dialogues like these and forced humour, it looks like Zaban Sambhal Ke will be a huge disappointment. There is a chance that series will join the list of other remakes like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Khichdi which failed to leave the mark on their second outing.

What are views on the Zaban Sambhal Ke trailer? Do let us know in the comments below.

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