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Amazon Prime Exclusive Stand-up Review, Dilli Se Hu B******D By Nishant Tanwar.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Stand-Up, Dilli Se Hu B******D by Nishant Tanwar! Stand-up comedy is one genre that has become a favourite of the streaming services. Amazon Prime Video has strand of titles that feature stand-up comedians doing what they are leading at, stand-up comedy. The genre of stand-up comedy has become preferred and main of the streaming services. Amazon Prime Video has got a cleft above with The Improvisers– an Amazon Prime Video Special. Now giving way to its new Stand-Up special – Dilli Se Hoon, B******d, a new Amazon Prime Exclusive by Nishant Tanwar.

Amazon Prime Exclusive
Nishant Tanwar known as JOKE KING is an Indian comedian and actor. He began performing in Gurgaon in 2009. He started off his career working at NDTV, when he found his passion in stand up comedy at an open mic event. Apart from corporate shows, he has performed and conceptualized many comedy specials like Comedy in Diversity, Two and a Laugh Men, and Third World Comedy and is the founding member of IPL (Improv Premier League), Delhi’s foremost Improv comedy troupe. He has performed in over 14 countries including USA, UK, Canada and Australia to name a few. Nishant Tanwar showcases his latest one hour gig “Dilli Se Hoon…BC”, which is a part of the Amazon Prime Video Stand-Up Specials.

You are definitely gonna get delighted to watch Nishant tickle your funny bone as he takes a dig on common stereotypes among other things. Nishant shares hilarious life experiences breaking social and age group barriers in this one hour stand up special. If you are wondering about the unusual name of the show, “Dilli Se Hoon…BC”, it is a code for all Delhiites to abide by, jokes the comedian. I couldn’t control my laughter over his punches and his comic style. He fantastically took everybody through those peculiar mundane hilarious activities done by a drunker friend in the group and a teetotaller who is though high on weed, hahahahaha! Damn, he compared the superiority of that high on weed friend among the normal drinkers with the same we used to do in schools with commerce student and science one, hell relatable man! It was a treat for both eyes and ears to watch him tell the difference between minute to humdrum experiences we bear in local trains. But the damn hilarious comparison he made between train and aeroplane, it just splashed out the water from my mouth. The most laughable was his saying that pyaar mein banda STUD TO BAWLA in 5 minutes but we you get duped and realize that aapka kat raha tha then it takes him even lesser to be back from BAWLA TO MAHA COOL, and how can I forget that line; JAISE DEVO KE DEV MAHADEV just similar to that COOLO KA COOL MAHA COOL.

Amazon Prime Exclusive
Awesome as always performance by Nishant Tanwar, we wish him truck loads of luck for future.

RATING- 4/5 stars.


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