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Amazon Prime Hanna Season 1 Review : Thrilling and enticing

The new Amazon Prime Series Hanna which is the remake of the movie of the same name is really astonishing. The script of the series has been written by David Farr who has once again pulled off an amazing feat in penning the series.

The show is absolutely thrilling in terms of both action and drama. We really have to give credit to David Farr as the character development of Hanna in the eight episode series is really good.

The story starts with Erik Heller(Joel Kinnaman),who worked for a covert operation at a Romanian facility, but after meeting a woman, his heart melts, and he tries to rescue her newborn baby Hanna from that facility. Afterward, he takes Hanna deep into a Polish forest where he trains her hard in hunting and self-defense for 15 years.

Now being a teenager, her thoughts encourage her to take the risk to see and experience the world outside the forest. This attracts the attention of CIA agent Marissa Wiegler who has been chasing Hanna since her birth.

The character of Marissa Wiegler is pretty manipulative, and she is also the main antagonist for most of the series. But there are even more stronger and evil powers in the system than her. Mireille Enos is really smooth in her role, and you can feel her command and control as being the main villain in the series.

Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna has portrayed her character exceptionally well, she is super smart, agile and does a lot of good action. She meets Sophie during her escape from Marissa and her men. With Sophie, she explores herself as a teenager and does some fun things amidst all this hunt and chase.

Hanna Amazon Prime

From birth, Hanna is born with some unique qualities, and Marissa knows a lot more about her past. The chase and hunt of Hanna looks more like a game of chess where every move is unpredictable, and a small mistake can give an advantage to others.

The screen time shared between Hanna and Erik looks heart-warming in the later part of the series, and their care of each other makes a beautiful and complex relationship between the two.

Is it worth a watch?

The series is startling in every aspect and will make you cling to your seats. The show is a must watch, and after the end of the first season we are left with some lingering questions which pave the way for Season 2.

How to Watch Hanna Season 1 Online?

You can stream Hanna Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video with prime subscription.


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