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Amazon Prime Video ‘Bandish Bandits’ web series cast revealed

The upcoming Amazon Prime series ‘Bandish Bandits’ is produced by Still and Still Media Collective. This will bring an interesting take on the fusion of two different musical setups that are classical music and western notes together.

Actor Ritwik Bhowmik who was earlier seen in FilterCopy Talkies episode will be seen in the male lead and model, and actress Shreya Singh Chaudhary who has starred in feature film Maya along with Manisha Koirala will be seen as the female lead.

The recent progress is that Actor Kunal Kapoor Roy, Naseeruddin Shah, and Rituraj K Singh will also be seen in important roles.

Kunaal Roy Kapur Bandish Bandits
Kunaal Roy Kapur Bandish Bandits

The plot of the upcoming series ‘Bandish Bandits’ is said to be a story of contrastingly different singers who will fall in love and the story will transverse their journey of coming together.

No other detailed information on the same is out yet.

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