Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Amazon Prime Video Gives Way To Impromptu By The Improvisers!

Amazon Prime Video has a strand of titles that feature stand-up comedians doing what they are leading at, stand-up comedy. The genre of stand-up comedy has become preferred and main of the streaming services. Amazon Prime Video has got a cleft above with The Improvisers- an Amazon Prime Video Special.

The renowned in the world of Stand-Up Comedy Kanan Gill (a stand-up comedian, an actor and you tuber), Kenny Sebastian (a stand-up comedian, filmmaker and musician), Kaneez Surka (trained improviser, stand-up comedian and sketch artist) and AIB famed Abish Mathew (stand-up comedian, you tuber and motivational speaker) are all set to perform their improv act on Amazon Prime. The quartet recently did an improvised comic act. The spontaneous and unrehearsed show incorporated music theatre and comedy and was interactive and collective too. The show was taped for Amazon prime video.

Amazon Prime recently premiered the magnum opus Padmavat, a development that caught the eyes of social media. The Improvisers is a part of 23 stand-up specials that Amazon Prime has roped up.

These dazzling comedy wits are going to delight our funny bones, providing the next level to the world of stand-up. We have encountered so many shows on television and even came across awestruck stand-up comedy videos by one or the other eminent comedians, giving chance to the new faces also. But, what makes The Improvisers unique is their mint style to perform at the spur of the moment widening the ways for the upcoming comedians and taking stand-up comedy to another level.

This is going to be something worth staying hot in collars and curious for the diehard fans of stand-up comedy and the performers. Stay connected to know the further updates by Amazon Prime Video. Irresistible laughter awaits you; fold your sleeves to be carried away with the humour.


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