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Amazon Prime Video Mind the Malhotras is satirical family comedy show

Amazon Prime Video has announced a new family comedy show, “Mind the Malhotras,” premiering on June 7. The series will star Cyrus Sahukar and Mini Mathur.

Mind the Malhotras is based on a popular Israeli comedy show ‘La Famiglia’. Malhotra’s, who lives in Mumbai and is just like a normal suburban family and has many reasons to be happy. But they have the bulk of complaints about their on-going lives and often take therapy sessions for the same.

Each episode of the series brings about the weirdest and most gauche moments of their lives which are easily relatable to any typical Indian family.

Amazon Prime Video Mind the Malhotras

Amazon Prime Video Original

Mini Mathur as Shefali will play the role of the mother of three children in the upcoming series and Cyrus Sahukar as their father. The role of the three children has been played by Dia Malhotra (Nikki Sharma), Jia Malhotra (Anandita Pagnis) and Yohan Malhotra (Jason) respectively.

The series was initially to be made by Applause Entertainment, who has already partnered with Hotstar for its various Originals shows like Criminal Justice but it is still not clear whether this project has been made under the banner of Applause or Amazon Prime Video. It is possible that Applause has partnered with Amazon Prime Video for this series, and will be released as Amazon Prime Video Original show, just like Hostar Specials ‘Criminal Justice.’


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