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Amoli Short Film Review, The World Hides Hell Within

Amoli (Priceless) is a short documentary Hindi film narrated by Omerta famed Rajkumar Rao presented under the banner of ‘Being Indian’ and is based on an extremely distinguished topic which throws light on the most shameful and lesser-known business of the country i.e.child sex trade.


What ‘Amoli’ Unveils? 

Amoli is interweaved together by intimidating personal ABC’s of the saviours of the trade and it also scrutinizes the core mechanism of this shameful business that has come to bury every village and country of the nation. It all begins with the devil demand, an illusion of money. It is approximated that 2.4 to 3.6 million children in India, are still cornered in this horrendous trade because of that demand only. It’s often our own people who betray us and our screams are drowned in the overwhelming chaos around us, unheard and unaided. The only way to put halt to this heinousness is stringent laws, zero tolerance and unsparing punishment for these customers. Amoli-Priceless unveils the bitter truth about the complete trade racket that leads to trafficking of young girls of around 12-14 years-old at a very cheap price and they are exposed to the hell of brothels leaving them devastated.

Amoli, a good attempt and an eye-opener.

Amoli is really an eye-opener in terms of making people aware of the hell, the world hides within. We are undoubtedly living a far better life than those victims of the horrendous trade, children sex trafficking but many of us were unaware of the fact that it’s our own relatives and many times our own people expose us forcefully to hell or they betray us by faking love and affection. It has become really hard these days to rely on someone, people don’t even trust their blood relation. We have been listening and reading for long that money is the root cause of all evil which is a half truth and this short docu Amoli proved it right but these demands and fulfilling them makes it even worse. Rigid steps should be taken by concerned authorities to eradicate this evil out soon.



A worth watch, truly.



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