Android Messages for PC rolled out, can be used on most browsers

android messages on pc

In another move to create a PC mobile synchronization environment, Google launched the Android Messages for PC client to the public. The client syncs your SMS/RCS from the Android Messages app on your phone to your PC using a beautifully designed PC client. You can now read your text messages from your PC using the browser of your choice, be it Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera or Firefox. It’s free to use and only requires your phone to have the Android Messages app pre-installed.

The web interface has been designed using Google’s impressive Material Design theme. This new style was introduced first at Google I/O 2018. Expect a closer integration between Chromebooks and Android Messages, just like Macbooks and iMessage.

There have been clients like Textra and Pushbullet which let you sync up your text messages with your PC. The Android Messages on browser provides a better experience as it was developed by the same team responsible for the text service app in the first place. The UI is better, and it provides more utility and reliability.
All your history before using the web client will be accessible. Using RCS, you can send things like emojis, videos, and images, which aren’t allowed on SMS. Note that the web client is just the front-end and your phone is the one who does most of the work. Therefore your phone always needs to be connected for you to be able to use it.

How to use the client

1) Make sure your Android messages app is updated to the latest version (3.3.043).
2) Open the app and go to options. Select Messages for Web.
3) Select Scan QR code.
4) Go to on your PC and scan the QR code it displays.
5) You’ll receive a success notification after the completion of the process. You can access the list of signed in PCs from the app.

Apple always enjoyed a connected ecosystem amongst all their products. Android Messages for PC opens up Android users to a similar experience without needing to switch over to iOS. The day is not far that everything you own is synced up with every other thing. To a completely connected future!

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