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New Android P Beta 3 Near Final Version : Google Engineering VP

Google released the new Android P Beta 3 yesterday. According to the developers, the version is an ‘early release candidate build’, which means that it may very well be how the final version ends up looking like.

android p beta 3

Android P has been under Beta testing for quite some time. Google releases various Beta versions regularly to phase out bugs and gather feedback about possible improvements. Just before the launch of an OS, Google also releases an ‘early release candidate’ which usually ends up being majorly similar to the final version. Therefore the Beta 3 will be as close to Android P as possible.

Additions Over Beta 2

android p beta 3

The update doesn’t add anything major. It has ironed out a few bugs and done some minor UI changes. As for developers, David Burke, VP pf Engineering added “With the Beta 3 system images and updated build tools, you’ve got everything you need to test your apps or extend them with Android P features like multi-camera support, display cutout, enhanced notifications, ImageDecoder, TextClassifier, and many others. In your testing, make sure to account for App standby buckets, privacy restrictions, and restrictions on non-SDK interfaces.”

For Developers

In case you are a developer but don’t have a supported phone, don’t worry. Google released an update to the Android Virtual Device for Android Studio. You can download the image and run an emulation to test the various aspects of your Android P supporting app. If the app works fine on this version, it will probably work in the final version too.

android p beta 3

The Android P Beta 3 might be the near final Android P. Yet there are still about a couple of months before the final version comes out. So beware of the stablity issues. There might also be possible SDK changes.

Final Words

For those of you who aren’t developers, you can get your Pixel (or any other supported phone) upgraded to the latest Android P Beta 3 by enrolling here. Stay tuned for more news about the latest Android P updates.


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