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The Android P Developer Preview 1 has been announced. Here are special Android P all features and changes.

Android Oreo has only covered around 1.1% of the Android smartphones in the market, but Google has already announced the Android P Developer Preview 1 for Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL. DP 1 is here, means Google soon will announce the launch of the next OS. Google is expected to announce the next version of their mobile operating system, Android P, during their I/O developers conference on May 8 and for sure will be surprising all with the coming new Android P features. 

Special Android P features.

User Interface changes

  • New UI for settings and quick settings
  • New Notification design for messages
  • New animations for notifications
  • Now Pixel Launcher has voice search icon
  • No orange color warning for battery saver
  • Notifications at the center of Always on display,along with the battery info at bottom
  • New Easter Egg.
  • Display screen additional info in a pop up window

List of major feature changes in Android P Developer Preview 1

  • Screenshot Editor
  • Screenshot button in power menu
  • Text selection zoom ( as iOS)
  •  Battery saver can be setup by schedule
  •  Redesigned Do not Disturb Mode into simplification
  •  Improved Adaptive Brightness
  • Volume Buttons controlling media volume by default
  •  Automatic turnoff of Hotspot if not connected
  •  Locking Rotation in Landscape mode
  • Private DNS


Notch Support:

iPhone X launched last year with some great features and a top notch, and since then smartphone companies are trying to do the same. Asus recently launched the Asus Zenfone 5 with a top notch, but the current Android versions don’t support the notch in display, and it needs a custom UI to establish the notification in the status bar. But other apps on Playstore sometimes do not support the notch, like Youtube app, it becomes weird, when videos start playing. In landscape mode, the app don’t use the region above and below the notch, by which video streams in a smaller screen size. Now, Android P will support the notch, apps can call getDisplayCutout() to determine whether a device has a cut out (notch), with (.DisplayCutout) determining the location, shape and size of the cutout area. Whereas, the new window layout attribute layoutInDisplayCutoutMode informs the system how and when to lay out content relative to the cutout area.

Iris Sensor support:

Android P is going to official support the unlocking of the device with using the optical or Iris sensor, as the previous version supports for the fingerprint sensor. For now the smartphones like Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series uses Samsung custom UI for this operation.

Restrict background apps:

In the coming Android P there will be restrictions for the background apps to use device’s camera and microphone. This was discovered by XDA. This is the major step for the users privacy safety, previous Android version i.e Oreo, also limited background apps, but Android P is one step more to user privacy safety.

Indoor mapping, based on WiFi:

WiFi Round-Trip-Time (RTT) support lets apps take advantage of indoor positioning or mapping. The IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol allows devices with the appropriate hardware and permissions enabled to measure distance between nearby wireless Access Points (AP). Privacy-wise, only the device can only determine distance, with three or more APs able to calculate accuracy to 2 meters. This allows for in-building navigation, fine-tuned voice controls like “Turn ON this light,” and location-based information, “Is there special sale for this product?”

Autofill improvements:

We all use Autofill feature for saving time by not entering password again and again. In Android P password manager apps will benefit from an improved Autofill Framework with dataset filtering, input sanitization, and a compatibility mode. The latter allows password manager to use the old accessibility-based approach in apps that don’t yet have full support for Autofill, without performance or security impacts

Improved Notifications:

Notification center is the another thing that is going to be improved. It will be more functional and user can now only see the messages, but also can now see images, GIFs in the notification bar and also can reply right from there.

Screenshot editing:

Android P is going to introduce a new way to capture the screen shots, the previous method, we all know, was pressing the volume key and power button simultaneously. But Android P is changing, and will be using the power menu button. And another new thing is, now screenshots can be edited in the go. Means only important thing can be cropped or it can be said you will take screenshot of what you need.

These are the only Android P features , there are many other features like Enhanced Call Blocking, Night Mode enhancement for all apps, and others. Google is considering the features, that other companies give in their custom UI. Google is to unveil the next version of their mobile operating system, Android P, during their I/O developers conference on May 8.

New Transitions & Animations

The newer version of the android has also received the new transitions while changing in between activities and also better notification expansion transition

USB/Bluetooth/Media Control


The available Bluetooth devices will display as popup when you will press the arrow key in the volume panel and now the volume panel has revived the new placement to the right of the screen. The USB plugin settings has also got a new revamped design

Pixel Launcher with Voice Search

Yes, now the search bar has voice search option, allowing you to search on anything with the help of voice search

Always on feature with notifications in center

Always on feature now has a divider in-between the time and notification display. Also, it can also show the info of now playing song, which is being played at the background

Do Not Disturb Simplicity

Previously, it has three modes total silence, alarms, priority only but with the newer version of android quick settings toggle shows three duration activity for simple selection.

Quick Switching In-between Connected Bluetooth devices (HFP/A2DP) Support

With this option, you can connect up-to 5 Bluetooth devices. But this does not mean you will be able to transfer data with 5 devices at same time. It means you will be able to switch quickly in-between connected devices without disconnecting and re-connecting again

Metered/Unmetered Wifi Network

If you are connected to Wi-Fi network that has data limit, then you stay cautious while downloading or uploading files. With the newer version of Android it can automatically detect the network with data limits, but in rarest of cases if it won’t recognize, then you can set it manually

Vibration Controls

Under accessibility settings there is new vibration control setting. It now offers four vibration settings which includes low, medium, high & off settings

Landscape Mode

In the previous version of android we only have the rotation lock feature for Portrait mode but in the newer version we have rotation lock in the Landscape mode also.

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