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Andy Serkis Directed Jungle Book To Have Dark Tone

Andy Serkis Brings Jungle Book To Life With The Dark Tone

Back in the year 2016, we got ourselves a joyride full of adventure with Mowgli. Jon Favreau directed ‘Jungle Book’ was spectacular and brought our favorite childhood characters back to life. The movie had a light tone and taught us vital lessons of life with such a simple story. Warner Bros. was also working on the same project and movie was slated for the release in 2016 itself. However, the movie got postponed with Andy Serkis at the helm to make it using mo-cap technology.

Now its been almost two years and talks are again in the air about the ongoing developments in the project. Warner Bros. approached Alfonso Cuaron the highly acclaimed director of Gravity to redevelop the project. Earlier the movie was titled Jungle Book: Origins which now retitled to Mowgli.

The story remains the same however as per the interview with Andy Serkis he stated that his take on the source material would be much darker one. The 2016 version by Disney was purely CGI based as they didn’t want to enter the much tricky territory of mo-cap. However, with the actor like Andy Serkis at the helm who is the supreme leader of mo-cap, I am quite pumped for his darker take on the story of the boy who is raised by the pack of wolves.


Mowgli will be a star-studded affair, and we will see Christian Bale as the cunning panther, Bagheera; Cate Blanchett as the sinister snake, Kaa; Benedict Cumberbatch as the fearsome tiger, Shere Khan. Alongside other big names portraying various characters in the movie.

Mowgli Cast, Director & Release Date –

Cast – Rohan Chand, Matthew Rhys and Freida Pinto, with motion capture performances from Serkis, Christian Bale, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hollander and Cate Blanchett.
Director – Andy Serkis
Release Date – October 19, 2018



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