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How Ant-Man’s character different from the other Marvel Superheroes?


From the starting scene of Paul Rudd in jail, we knew that Ant-Man wasn’t a regular Marvel superhero movie. Even after becoming the Ant-Man, he has undergone some few changes but he isn’t like the other superheroes. From running a life by crime to use Ant-Man suit to save the world and then joining up with Captain America and then again put under house arrest, Scott Lang has changed drastically in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

“Well I like – I like the idea of playing a superhero that is not innately heroic or super in any way, just you know, a regular person,” Rudd said, he also added – “And I like the idea also of not embracing the role because of all of the difficulties that come along with having to be so bad-ass, and how it would affect your life and how would it affect your relationships and certainly your being a responsible Parent and so to wrestle with those questions. We did a little bit in the first one but you know, it’s certainly, certainly now more pronounced.”


The audience first meets the Lang in the jail and even while his motives are noble he doesn’t fall on the right side of the law. According to Infinity War, his involvement with captain led him to be put under house arrest. To this Rudd said – “I mean, he actually gets in trouble [in the first film] when I start in the house. First when I’m in jail. Now I’m in jail in my house,” Rudd noted. “And then I got put away in Civil War, too. A repeat of [past events].”

Lang might get into trouble a lot more than other heroes and with his daughter Cassie, he has always tried to be her best daddy. Rudd noted that the film will also grow his relationship with several other characters. One of them being with Hope, the off-duty maverick personalities of Lang and hope will certainly develop in the film and we will see how both of them turn out to be.


Lang’s relationship with Cassie will also develop as the both of them will get more chances to meet as finally, he was able to settle in and out of trouble at the end of Ant-Man, but as he was put under house arrest again, we are yet to see how this relationship as a parent will develop. While being a superhero, how being a sensitive parent turns out to be and can they co-exist?

Ant-Man and the Wasp hits the screens on July 6. We’ll see what Rudd was actually talking about when we see the film.

Do you think the Ant-Man is a superhero different than the others? Or it’s only the burden of duties that he carries? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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