Now its officially, EA has confirmed that Anthem has been delayed to 2019. During the company’s Q3 earning meeting today, it is confirmed that the game will release in Q1 2019 or Q4 of its 2019 fiscal year.


In reply to the Kotaku’s earlier report about the delay of the game EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said ” It’s not a delay” peoples are only creating a story.

In a statement, he also said this is not to make any conflict with the new Battlefield Game releasing this year, set for this October. It also confirms that the new Battlefield game is releasing this year but no official announcement has made until now. The reason has a valid and fair point by EA to not to clash the two release and affecting the sales of each other.

After all, we got a good information about the new battlefield game release with a bad news about Anthem delay. Let’s see what is next step from the EA because of the issues in previous games.

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