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Apex Legends Leak suggests Rocket Launcher coming to the game

Apex Legends Season 1 Update is yet to arrive but a hell lot of leaks are making their way to the internet. Data miners are constantly looking into the game files to get any clues about the changes in Apex Legends. A new leak has come up which suggests that a Rocket Launcher may make its way to Apex Legends.

Before this, many changes were also leaked including the addition of wall running in the game and the addition of other weapons like Remote Turret and Flamethrower. Also, there have been changes in the weapons like Wingman and Peacekeeper after the March 6 Update.

Apex Legends Rocket Launcher leaked on Twitter

Apex Legends Rocket Launcher addition was leaked by @ApexLeaksNews on Twitter. The tweet given below shows a filename, “mp_weapon_rocket_launcher.” Check it out:

Even though this leak may be legit, it is not confirmed that this weapon will be added in the game. Probably, we will get this confirmed before an update arrives like the Season 1 Update, that is about to arrive soon.

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