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Apex Legends : New LMG weapon is coming to the game

Apex Legends is currently reigning Twitch, and the game has risen to fame pretty quickly. Respawn Entertainment has developed this battle royale game. Season 1 of the game is yet to start, and we are observing a range of new features and weapons for the game.

Recently, on February 20, Havoc weapon was added to the game, and the same was found in the leaks shared earlier by the data miners. The previous leak by the data miner also suggested that a new LMG weapon would join the weapons list of Apex Legends.

According to the leaks, the new weapon is called L-Star, and it will make its debut on March 2, 2019.

LMG Weapon

If we observe the leak closely the new weapon is meant to be released on 30, according to the leak Havoc was represented by number 20 and it was released on 20th February.

Similarly, the upcoming L-Star weapon has number 30 corresponding to it which means it should be released on 30th February, but as we all know the month, February only has 28 days so the weapon should be released on 2nd March 2019.

Talking about L-Star, it is an LMG weapon, and it will be the third LMG for the game joining the Spitfire and Devotion.

Mentioned below are the leaked details about this L-Star weapon.

LMG Weapon


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