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Apex Legends new weapons leaked: Flamethrower and Remote Turret

Within a month, Apex Legends has become the most popular game with 50 million players. It’s season 1 is scheduled to release later this month as revealed by development status. Players are excited about the Apex Legends season 1 as new legends, weapons, cosmetics, and battle pass will be included in the game. Ahead of season 1, a leak revealed new weapons in the form of Flamethrower and Remote Turret. Twitter user @AustinScriver dug up the game files to reveal the two new weapons.

Apex Legends new weapons leaked

The first weapon found in the game’s file is Flamethrower. In the image below, “ProjectileFlamethrowerStatusEffectThink” clearly depicts the availability of Flamethrower in the game very soon. How it will be available in the game ?? It is currently out of the clue.

Another leaked weapon is Remote Turret. In the given image of leak files “remoteturret” highlights the coming of weapon to the game. Like flamethrower, it is unknown how it will be available in the game.

We are not sure of these leaks as no official words have been out from the side of Respawn entertainment. If this news is true then, we could see the new weapons in the game with the release of season 1. Apex Legends season 1 will release later this month.

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