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An Apex Legends Player spends more than $ 1,800 to get rare items

Heirlooms are the rarest type of Apex Legends loot and only be achieved in loot boxes. A set of these items consists of a speech, a pose banner, and a melee weapon skin. Currently, there is only one set available in the game, for Wraith, one of the main characters.

On Reddit, A gamer revealed his story and how he spent $ 500 to get the items in the game. Accustomed to games with loot boxes such as Rocket League and Overwatch, he said he had never wanted to spend money on them. Apex Legends seemed more interesting because Respawn Entertainment has a sort of rule that promises an Heirloom item: if a player buys 500 Apex Packs and does not receive any rare item, the producer ensures that the next one will have a 100% chance of bringing one.

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Apex Legends Player Spends More than $1800

“At least three friends received Heirloom items for Wraith in some boxes, some streamers as well, so I figured it would not take 500 boxes to get it, I just bought boxes and never came. I was wrong. I was only able to reach the end, in box 500, “said the player whose ID is BAE339.

The warning is for everyone who thinks that spending a little will bring rarer items to Apex Legends. It may be that you bring it, but it may be that you end up with a debt of $ 1,800 on your credit card.


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