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Apple AirPower wireless charger launch delayed to September

Apple AirPower wireless charger launch delay!

Apple announced AirPower the wireless charging device along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X last year and suggested that the device may launch in early 2018. iPhone X and iPhone 8 comes with wireless charging but Apple recommends charging hubs from Mophie and Belkin, as still there is no official announcement for the AirPower, even the rumors suggested the launch in March and then in June. And according to a report by Bloomberg, the launch of Apple AirPower wireless charger is now pushed back and won’t be available in the market till the month of September.


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A lot of question arises related to the delay, one of them is what’s the actual challenge that Apple’s engineers are facing. Bloomberg in its report found out the same with the help of anonymous sources. And according to the report, the engineering behind the AirPower wireless charging is complex. This may look simple as the wireless charger being used in the market right now, but it’s not. Apple AirPower is different from the regular wireless chargers, unlike the regulars, Apple will be using the AirPower to charge not only one but three devices at a time, that is, iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods (wireless charging case not released yet) can be charged at the same time.

Apple AirPower wireless charger launch delaye
Apple AirPower wireless charger mat


This is the main problem, as there will be no specific region for putting the devices on the wireless mat to charge the batteries, devices can be placed anywhere on the mat, so, Apple needs to fabricate it with a number of multiple charging sensors, which would overlap across the mat, unlike standard wireless charger, which has a single inductive coil, and it is comparatively complex procedure. In fact, it appears that AirPower runs a “stripped down version of iOS” to handle power management of the devices. AirPower is based on custom charging technology, which it intends to integrate with the Qi charging standard, Apple officials stated last year.


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Not only this, the another problem that is being faced with the AirPower is the heating problem, normal heating never creates any problem but the over-heating does, and the problem may become worse when already there is a complex phenomenon involved with a complex built, that is, the overlapping of the multipoint charging coils and this comes out to be another reason for the delay.


For now, nothing has been cleared about the Apple AirPower release and not even the pricing of the device. And if the problem continues with the AirPower, we may witness some changes in the device, like a limited number of devices for wireless charging, like only two at a time. But, if Apple’s engineers manage to tackle the mess, after a delay, it will be another major innovative product by the Apple.


More Details: Bloomberg


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