Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Apple to Boost iPhone Low Light Photography with innovation of InVisage Technologies.

Apple launched its flagship smartphone iPhoneX, and the photography experience isgood enough, and got a score of 97 by the DXO Mark, whereas Pixel2 scored 98. According to DXO Mark, low light photography on iPhoneX is not up to the mark. DXO stated, “The X recorded a lower score of 66 for exposure in extreme low light (compared to 91 indoors and 108 outdoors), with noticeable underexposure evident at both 1 and 5 Lux, although images remain just about usable.” And this is the area where Pixel 2 scored well, i.e, low light photography on Pixel 2 is actually good, even having only one sensor.

But now Apple is all set to improve the low-light photography experience for its users, on iPhone. For this Apple made a deal and acquired InVisage Technologies. Though, all terms of the deal had not been disclosed.

Talking about the InVisage Technologies, it’s a US based company, founded in 2006. The special innovation which led the company to gain popularity is the QuantumFilm image sensor, which works as a photosensitive layer, which absorbs light by using quantum dots. By using this technology, Apple will be able to ditch the traditional image sensor, to make a 10times thinner camera module, which absorbs more light to make low light photography better, than before. By using the Invisage’s QuantumFilm technology, Apple designers will be able to shrink the camera module size and increase the battery size, or any other development.

But, Apple hasn’t informed about any official details about the new acquisition, it is still not known, how exactly, Apple will be using the QuantumFilm tech. Therefore, nothing can be told surely, that when and in which iPhone model, company will implement the Invisage’s tech.


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