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Apple to bring new high-end AirPods and over-ear headphones in 2019

The Q2 2018 is about to over, but there is still no big announcement by the US-based tech company Apple. At the annual event, WWDC 2018 by the company, we only witnessed the software planning that Apple has made yet and recently Apple has just released the iOS Public Beta, but still, no hardware launched. The previous report suggested that Apple has delayed the launch of AirPower wireless charger and pushed the launch to September. And still, no official announcement made in this subject. Here is a new report suggesting, Apple to bring new high-end AirPods and over-ear headphones in 2019.


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It seems Apple to invest in the audio peripherals again and could launch new higher-end version of the AirPods in 2019 along with the other audio products like over-ear headphones and the HomePod. Es, Apple is reported to revive its unsuccessful HomePod to compete again with the established players like Google Home and Amazon Alexa and not only this, a new competitor, Samsung Bixby speaker is in the works. And according to the patents filed by the company, the speakers may come with a display.

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New Apple AirPod Features-

Talking about the devices, the new AirPods will be coming with a lot of additional features, which includes the water-resistance design, so, now you can enjoy the rains or break out the sweat in the gym without worrying of the AirPods. But, according to report by Bloomberg, the water-resistance has limits, you can’t go swim with putting on the new AirPods. And another feature, which is mentioned, is the active noise-cancellation, and these features will make the new AirPods more advanced and expensive, obviously.


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Apple said to be the finest company in speakers manufacturing when it bought headphone maker and streaming-music company, Beats for $3 billion (roughly Rs. 20,400 crores). The premium audio brand is said to be an audiophile company and produces a number of high-end audio products which includes headphones, earphones and wireless speakers too. But, Apple to launch the new range of audio devices, as mentioned earlier, under its name, not Beat, as we have seen when Apple unveiled the wireless AirPods. The new devices will provide a premium quality of sound quality, but won’t be much of an audiophile device like Beat.


Another product which is suggested in the report for a launch in 2019, is the new over-ear headphones. There is not much information about this new device, but it is said to be studio-quality headphones, which will offer not only a premium design but also a premium sound quality. Again, these may or may not be as good as the sub-brand Beat, but will be sold alongside with the Beat devices.

apple to launch new homepod

There is new HomePod also mentioned in the report, there is not much said about the design or the feature of this device, but Apple is all set to compete the Google Home and Amazon Alexa with it. This is not the first time Apple launched its HomePod, but it failed to make its way in the already settled market.


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