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Apple patents Wireless Power Transfer between Macbook and iphone’s

Apple patents Wireless Power Transfer between Macbook and iphone’s

Apple introduced wireless charging with the debut of the iphoneX and the iphone8. However, the wireless charging was first introduced by Samsung with the launch of Galaxy S6 back in 2015, almost 3 years before the Apple introduced it. However, Apple has now filed a new patent at USPTO, which describes an interesting way to charge the Apple devices.

The patent published by Apple illustrates a way to charge the iPhoneX or iPhone 8 that supports wireless charging by placing them directly on the MacBook that means the charging coil that is used is bi-directional. However, at present, there is no such thing in any MacBook or iPad. But it will be an interesting way to charge the iPhones if Apple puts the idea into realization.

Apple patents Wireless Power Transfer For instance, looking at the patent’s drawings it is seen that the MacBook has multiple wireless charging points, where other two-three devices whether iPhone or iwatch can be placed and the current is transferred from to the MacBook to the dead iPhone or iwatch batteries.

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Thinking the other way, when the devices are placed on MacBook to charge, then, of course, it will not be usable. But the concept to charge 2-3 devices in total by just plugging in the MacBook and place devices on it is pretty cool and can be really helpful when you stay in a hotel.

Apple patents Wireless Power Transfer
Definitely, the Apple needs to figure out a way by which the wireless charging coils could switch between the incoming and outgoing currents instantly without overheating. Going in the same way, the Apple watch could also be charged by just placing it over the iPhone.

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It may be years before this technology could really be implemented or it may be that it just remains on papers. As a smartphone user, would you like to see such a technology? Drop down a comment and let us know do you find this technology useful? (Apple wireless power transfer).

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