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Apple virtual and augmented reality headset could come in 2020

Apple VR Headset !!

Apple with the launch of the iPhoneX introduced the Augmented reality features and apps, and now as per the report from CNET, Apple is preparing to release a powerful headset that will support both virtual and augmented reality.

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The device is codenamed as T288 and will feature a display with a resolution of 8K for each eye, that is total 16k which is hard to believe and can work without the need to connect to a smartphone or computer.

Instead, the headset will be connected to a special station via the wireless interface WiGig. The station is based on a custom 5-nanometer Apple processor, more powerful than all existing analogues at the moment. The station resembles the desktop, but it is not a real Mac computer. Installation of additional sensors and cameras in the room is not required, all necessary equipment is built into the headset and the station.

Interestingly, Google is also developing a similar product which could be unveiled next month. However, It’s not yet known whether it would be dedicated to custom hardware or one of its OEM partners.

The release of the Apple’s headset is expected in 2020. But CNET says that the device is in the early stage of development and plans may change or even be canceled.

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