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Top 10 Applications and Uses of Artificial intelligence in education.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing day by day and now present almost everywhere, from a 5 feet standing robot to a small smartphone processor chip. And it will not be wrong to say that it is the future of the tech world. AI is entering each and every field life whether it is related to computers, smartphones, games, sports , medical filed, education sector -you just name it and you will find it’s application there. But, today we gonna focus and talk only about Top 10 Applications and Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Education. But first have a look on what actually AI is ?

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What is Artificial intelligence (AI)?

AI is a branch of computer science which is the intelligence exhibited by machines and Software’s. These software’s can perform better in many fields as they become smarter day by day, by learning each time they are used. For instance, Assistant in smartphones like Siri becomes smarter by time as you use it, because it remembers and learn just like humans. The basic activities of AI includes:
2. Planning.
3. Learning.
4. Speech recognition.
5. Problem Solving.
So, now you might have got basic idea about what AI is. So, without wasting any more time let’s discuss our today’s topic i.e. Applications and Uses of Artificial intelligence in Education

“Artificial Intelligence can change the way of educating students, like never before.”

Top 10 Applications and Uses of Artificial intelligence in education ;

1. Teacher’s Assistant

In schools and colleges we have so many exams, tests, assignments and projects which teachers have to check and grade them which is a very time consuming job. Under a single a teacher/professor in a school/college there can be hundreds of students owing to their thousands of papers for checking and grading which requires much time .This time can be utilized in doing other things like more interaction with students or doing some other cultural and project work which will directly have impact on the student- teacher interaction as well as a significant improvement in Students academics.

2. Automated Essay Grading

Only multiple choice type questions can be checked by AI today ,but in future AI will improve and will be able to check essay type writings and will one day match human gradings. When this will happen teachers will be able to focus more in class with students and this will really improve teacher student interaction and it will be a huge advancement in the education field.
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3. Improving Individualized learning

From schools to colleges ,one of the greatest thing that can be improved by AI in education is the personalized  learning. Even this is happening today on smaller scale through a number of learning apps , games and software’s. The software’s help students a lot, first of all these can be used at the our own place saving time and money in transformation. Secondly, these systems help students to master topic which they haven’t by repeating one topic again and again. (which is not possible by teachers.)

So, when AI will be implemented on larger scale, adaptive learning will become more popular and helpful and will impact the education to a great extent across the globe.

Applications and Uses of Artificial intelligence in education
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4. Improve the way of managing courses.

Teachers and professors when teaching students may sometimes not aware of the fact that they have left or not taught some specific topic to students which thereafter can be confusing for the students to understand other topic. So, it will offer a solution to problem by pointing out what is to be taught to student. Even today courses like Qureshi online is doing this Job.

5. Learning in virtual reality

Today education has become very boring, nobody like to attend the lectures for hours. So with AI and VR education can become more interesting and can provide richer understanding and gathering information about the topic and subjects. It is a well known fact that our brain thinks in pictures. So something learned in pictures can be remembered better and for a longer period of time. In coming years, this will happen on larger scale and education will change a lot and become interesting and easy.

Applications and Uses of Artificial intelligence in education
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6. Change in the way of interaction with information.

Even this is happening today, today everywhere on internet we see personalized ads, products recommendation based on our previous activity ( you may or may not have noticed it ) but all this is done using AI systems , virtual assistant (like Siri) become more intelligent  by time as we use it and that is also done by AI.

These systems will also play a major role in coming years when the tech will be applied in schools and colleges to easily interact and find the exact information what we want. Future student will experience much different way to use information while doing some research work as compared by the current generation of students.

7.  Increase the limits of education

With the help of artificial education, students have the power to learn anything from anywhere no matter in which part of the world they are. Therefore any student who is not able to attend his classes due to certain reasons either medical or personal, he/she can easily learn from home via these artificial education software’s.

So with the help of AI students specially from low economic regions will be able to learn and integrate  with the education/information easily. Artificial intelligence in coming years will provide much more quality and easily access able information across the globe.

8. Feedback for both students and teachers;

System with AI not only helps to create customized courses and improve course material but they also provide feedback about the course material like, how well it performed ? Will it require any further improvement and advancements? These systems can generate continuous reports of student’s progress and map that task or assignments which provide information about, how much time a student spend on a particular task? How well he or she learnt it, which could be very helpful for the teachers in analyzing and improving student’s performance as well as their academics.

9. AI based recommendation engines to find best institute for students

Students nowadays are very confused about choosing best institute either for a short term training or for their higher education. With these data powered AI systems students will be able to choose the best institute for themselves by analyzing the proper data provided by the AI systems based on the student academics, performance, skills, knowledge, interest and capabilities.

10.Assessment of problems in real time

Last but not the least, Ai can not only automate grading fill gaps in course material but can also solve the problems in real time which is beneficial for both teachers and students. For teachers it reduces the stress and load and for students it solves the problem by which they can understand and do their work with an ease. AI is better in solving problems as compared to human beings as per many research and reports. Here is one of that which shows graph of how performance of AI is better than humans.
Applications and Uses of Artificial intelligence in education

Final verdict: (Applications and Uses of Artificial intelligence in education)

AI is really great and it is the future. AI will be very useful in education in coming years as it can do much useful tasks like Automating grading, Solving problems in real time, Analize and keep a track on your performance etc. So Finally these were the Top 10 Applications and uses of Artificial intelligence (AI) in education we have found. If we found any other useful feature of AI or anything important related to AI in education we will update it here. So stay tuned with VoStory and if you have any Suggestions/ problem or anything else share about AI in education feel free to comment down below.


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