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Aquaman: Early Screening Reactions Out and They Are Good !

Aquaman is set to release in December and Warner Bros. had recently set up an early screening for the film and we get some reactions which are comparing the film to a MCU’s Phase 1 film!

The early screening reactions have surfaced which indicate that the movie is good – but not great. After Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry aka The Aquaman appeared in Justice League, along with Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, he is the first to get his solo movie.

Aquaman: Early Screening Reactions are out!

Aquaman will be first movie released after Justice League by Warner Bros. in a franchisee which hasn’t done well with critics or box office. While Man of Steel was successful, Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad both received mixed reviews; Justice League also received mixed reviews, but wasn’t the massive box office hit many were expecting. Only Wonder Woman in the franchisee is one keeping the hope of the franchisee by getting good reviews and also being a box-office hit. And so, Aquaman has all hopes riding on it for the time being.

Warner Bros. held the early test screening in San Fernando Valley, California, second-hand reactions showed up on Twitter – meaning they are not directly from people attending the movie itself, but from those who talked to people who attended the screening.

Get a look at some reactions below –

Aquaman: Early Screening Reactions are out!

Aquaman: Early Screening Reactions are out!

Aquaman: Early Screening Reactions are out!

The reactions aren’t very great but with good not great is a good thing for the franchisee and maybe the audience likes it once it releases which would be a great thing for the franchisee. But as the movie is origin story, so it is being compared to a Phase 1 MCU movie. But the reactions lie on the middle of the positive negative scale.

What do you think of these reactions? What all are you expecting from DC’s Aquaman? Do let us know your views in the comment section below!

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