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Are we getting a new Overwatch Map ?? Overwatch PTR hints at new map

Latest Overwatch Public Test Realm ( PTR) patch made some variety of changes in the game. It was largely centered around the addition of new hero Baptiste in the game. However, amid various changes in the game, a little change hints towards a new map.

Are we getting a new Overwatch Map ??

A little change on the back wall of Numbani offensive spawn room has aroused the possibility of a new Overwatch map. On PTR, the poster of the Temple of Anubis has been replaced with a new poster with the description “Viva Cuba, Havana.”  On live servers, no change has been made, but the same change has been made in the travel agency side room.

new overwatch map
The Numbani offensive spawn room on the live servers. U/KARAHE

new overwatch map
he updated spawn room on the PTR. U/KARAHE

It is also possible that Havana might be the location of the next story mission of the upcoming archive event. In 2018, new map Rialto was added during Overwatch Retribution event.

It is not the only hint about the new map for Overwatch. After addition of the Paris map to the game, players noticed three of the five marked locations in Soldier 76’s origin story are in-game maps. So, the remaining two Seattle and Rio De Janeiro could be the possible future maps of the game.

So, what do you think about these hints ??

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