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ARM announces Mali-G52 and Mali-G31 GPUs along with visual processor

The GPU maker ARM has today unveiled two new GPU units, a visual processor and a display processor.

The new GPU units have brought certain improvement in the performance and reduction in the power utilisation which will be used in the mid-range devices

Mali G52

Mali G52 has surpassed the performance of G51 which was released in the year 2016. The performance has increased up to 30 % which is a result of more execution engines, previously G51 had 4 execution engines while the G52 has 8 execution engines. Power saving for the device has also increased by 15% which will be helpful while playing high power consuming AR games. The company has stated that the Machine learning on the device has also increased by 3.6 times


This GPU will be focused on high power consuming devices like TV and Tablets. The company has stated that DynamIQ configuration of one Cortex A-75 core to 7 Cortex A-55 cores will contribute to G52 power efficiency

Cortex A75 will be able to handle performance-based tasks while A55 will be able to manage smaller tasks.

Mali G31

This new GPU will be built on the ultra-efficient made on bitfrost architecture. This GPU is one of the smallest ARM processors which will be supporting OpenGL ES 3.2 and the latest version of Vulkan API


These features will allow developers to widen their perspective and they can optimise their apps to work along with Mali-powered devices and likely to be used in many midsegment and entry-level phones

Mali D52 and Mali V52

The company has also announced the Mali D52 display processor and Mali V52 video processor. The new Mali D-52 has increased power efficiency up to 30 % and increased memory latency up to 50%. With the support of Assertive Display 5, it can also bring the HDR features to the devices

V52 has the top-notch performance and will bring 4K content to the high-end devices. It will offer a 20 % increase in the upload quality which will produce clearer 4K videos at 60 FPS. The best part is the video processor consumes lesser space which is 38 % less than it’s a predecessor.


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