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ARRIVO promises Hyperloop with 200mph Without Using Vacuum Tubes.

Arrivo, is promising to provide transportation by Hyperloop at speed of 200mph (or 321kmph), and without using Vacuum tubes, as said to be used in previous concepts. “Arrivo” is a company founded by Hyperloop One and Space X engineer Brogan Bambrogan. This engineers led company works on future projects in the field of Transportation, basically. And on 14th of November, it made a announcement, that they will build Hyperloop without vacuum tube through the city of Denver, Colorado. For this project, company made a partnership with the Transportation Department of Colorado.

Source:- Arrivo (youtube)

Arrivo’s idea of fast transportation seems that it took birth from Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One concept. But going back when Brogan formed Arrivo, after he was ousted from the company, in 2016. He promised Arrivo, to be a more unique take, in the field of transportation. And its true, Arrivo’s transportation concept is different, as no Vacuum Tubes will be used. Unlike the original Hyperloop one concept, by Elon Musk, the main focus is the fast transportation between small distance of only few kilometers, like distance between office and home, home and movie theater, and more localized area, rather long distance. By this people of Denver will be able to cover the 60 minutes of drive in only 10 minutes skipping all traffic.

Basically the focus is a affordable system than Hyperloop, with a less speed, in a localized region. Arrivo boasted the new concept by saying, “End of Traffic”, in a video, which also shows that company is deciding to set up the tracks along with the highways and local roads, which means it’s not more expensive in setup of the system.

Brogan Bambrogan says Arrivo to arrive in the city of Denver, by 2021. And starting with it, there are plans to build a test route along the E-470 toll road, which runs north-south along the east side of Denver, past the airport. If all testing goes right, construction for the new concept will begin in 2019.

“Colorado’s rapidly growing population and booming economy makes for the ideal location for the development of an Arrivo system,” stated John Hickenlooper (Governor of Colorado). “Arrivo’s additional decision to locate their test facilities, adding up to 200 employees by 2020 and $10 – 15 million to our economy in 2018, is a testament to the culture of innovation that drives our economic engine.”

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