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Top 20 Best Artificial Intelligence companies in the world

Artificial Intelligence Companies !!

The Artificial Intelligence industry is estimated to grow up to $59.8 billion by 2025. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sprouting up all over, day by day, whether they are computers, smartphones, games, sports or medical field, education sector etc. It is present everywhere and is the future of the technology.

As the AI is the future, more and more companies are investing in it and a lot of new startups are focusing on this field. So today we are going to talk about the World’s most innovative AI companies. Read on further to know about it.

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Here is the list of Top 20 Artificial Intelligence companies :

1. AIBrain

California based AIBrain is an Artificial Intelligence company that develops AI solutions for smartphones and robotics applications. It offers AICoRE, the AI agent, and iRSP, an intelligent robot software platform. The focus of their work is to develop Artificial Intelligence infused with the human skill set of problem-solving, learning and memory.

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Top 20 Ai compaines

2. Amazon

The Amazon, as we all know is the largest online retailer has taken steps to enter the world of Artificial Intelligence both through its products as well as from its services. Amazon in recent times has launched several smart devices powered by AI , like Amazon Echo which has smart intelligent voice assistant Alexa. The Amazon also applies deep and machine learning to improve its services to provide the better interface and user experience.

Amazon echo

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3. AnkiTop AI compaines

Anki is engaged in bringing consumer robotics into day-to-day life through its Cozmo and Anki Overdrive products. Cozmo is Anki’s flagship robot and is described as one of the most advanced consumer robots to date due to its emotional responses while Overdrive is a car racing game complete with track.

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4. Apple

Apple is biggest tech giant in the world and it’s Virtual assistant Siri is widely known and used by millions of people around the world. Siri was a just a simple voice assistant when it was first used ,but with time it improved a lot using the Artificial intelligence and now it a fully fledged digital assistant. Apple has also manufactured AI chips called neural engine  which was used in recent Apple iPhone X to bring the features like facial recognition. Apple also keeps on acquiring small startups and companies to improve its products and remain the leader in the world.

Apple In AI

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5. Banjo

Banjo Was a startup started in 2013 after the Boston Marathon Bombing. It raised over $100 Million in last few years.Banjo was formed for providing a better way for the companies to analyze how they use social media to interact with the people around the globe. Banjo using Artificial intelligence analysis real-time events and conditions and thus provides useful animites to make better decisions, grow faster and Change the way, how companies understand and interact with their patrons.


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6. CloudMinds

CloudMinds is the world’s first cloud robotics operator. The company believes that the Integration of AI with robotics can be used to enhance our day to day life as well as open the new range of market services. The CloudMinds is backed by companies like SoftBank, Foxconn, Keystone Venture and Walden International. Recently the company also received a closed Series funding of $100 Million.

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7. Facebook

We all know and use the social media Giant Facebook. Facebook has over 3 billion users around the Globe, which are increasing day by day. Facebook has made deliberate investments in Artificial Intelligence to operate more systematically and to make data shared on social media much more user-friendly, Genuine and avoid any hateful and misleading content. The AI can help a lot in that and make the company’s platform much more personalized and user-friendly.Till date, Facebook has established three Artificial labs and the latest one was opened in Paris. Apart from this Facebook has also acquired few AI companies including Masquerade and Zurich Eye.

Top !0 AI companies

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8. Google

Google is clearly a leader in the field of technology and AI. The Google is using AI in all its products and services like Google Assistant, Google smart speakers. The Google shows targeted ads to billions of its users with the help of AI. The Google has acquired more than 12 AI companies in past and is further deeply investing in this field.The main focus of the company is on machine learning which helps advance Google’s language, speech translation, visual processing, ranking and prediction capabilities.

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9. H2O

H2O is being claimed as the world’s leading open source deep learning platform and is being used by lakhs of data scientists at thousands of companies and organizations. H2O simplifies machine learning and allows users to access insights from data, without needing skills in deploying or tuning machine learning models. The company’s services include its H2O platform, the Deep Water platform that connects best deep learning equipments with H2O, the Sparkling Water framework that unites H2O and Spark, the Steam AI Engine, Driverless AI, which says “AI for AI.” The customers of the company include renowned enterprises like Capital One, Progressive Insurance, Transamerica, Comcast, Macy’s and Walgreens.

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10. IBM

IBM is one of the oldest company which is using Artificial IUntelligence. IBM Research and development has been exploring machine learning Artificial Intelligence technologies and techniques since 1950s. The company believes AI will transform the world in dramatic ways in the future. IBM is advancing the field through their portfolio of research focused basically on three areas: AI Science, AI Engineering, and AI Tech. To accelerate AI research the company has made much collaboration with like-minded institutions and had also acquired 3 AI based companies recently.

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11. iCarbonX

icarbonX is a Chinese biotech based startup which provides personalized health analysis and health solutions by using Artificial Intelligence. The company has the vision to map everyone’s health using deep algorithm and Artificial Intelligence. The company says that in this digital world we have a track of everything, what we buy, where do we travel, to whom we connect etc. But when it comes to personal health we don’t have any roadmaps. So the company is working to provide a map of our health by which we could keep a track on our health and life. The company also says that they are transforming wellness of individuals by unlocking the power of deep and dynamic digitization of biology. In recent times the company has partnered with more than seven Companies around the world that specialize in gathering different types of health-care data, and uses deep algorithms and AI to analyze genomic, physiological and behavioral data and provide customized health and medical advices.

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12. Intel

Intel is the largest PCs chip manufacturer in the world which has discovered the role and importance Artificial Intelligence in our day-to-day life so started to research and invest in the field of AI technologies. In recent times the company has acquired different companies and also invested in different AI startups. Intel also wants to develop the AI to enhance the driving experience and make driverless cars in future and collaborated with Ferrari for  the same using AI techniques.The Intel is also developing neural processing unit (NPU) for the most intensive deep-learning training and inference.

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13. Iris AI

Iris AI is an innovative company which works on the principle to use the existing knowledge to solve the different research problems with the integration of Artificial Intelligence. When it was launched more than a lakh people showed interest in it and thousands of them became their regular customers and users. Some studies shows that iris can reduce the resources required to do a scientific research by up to 30 to 40 percent.
Google Scholar is also the similar tool but tests show that iris AI has outpaced it.

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14. Next IT

Next IT is one of the original companies that instigated chatbots. The company with the integration of Artificial Intelligence helps companies to easily interact with customers to answer and solve their problems.Companies like Alaska Airlines and Amtrak are being helped by the Next It. The Artificial Intelligence systems of the company are so powerful that they allow them to help different companies and organizations in a medley of fields including healthcare and insurance.

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15. Salesforce

Over the past two years, Salesforce has acquired three AI companies and recently announced Salesforce Einstein, their Artificial Intelligence service. Their latest initiative, which includes a team of 175 data scientists, uses machine learning to help employees more efficiently perform tasks by simplifying and speeding them up. In addition to Salesforce’s own employees, Einstein will be available for customers who can build their own applications.

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16. SoundHound

SoundHound is known for its technology to identify any music which is being played by you, this all is done with the help of deep and machine learning as well as AI is also used. Not only this, the company is also known for most accurate and advanced natural language processing tools for doing all kinds of voice to text quires. Some of the big companies like Samsung, Nvidia, Sony’s Xperia, Yelp, and Uber have implemented and using their techniques.

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17. Twitter

Twitter is also one of the tech Giant which is utilizing and investing in the field of Artificial intelligence.Twitter has acquired a number of Companies based on AI. A tech startup, Magic Pony was their latest acquisition costing around $150 Million.Twitter uses Artificial Intelligence to rank the tweets based on relevance instead of chronological order. Machine learning is also used to crop the photos to the most interesting part.

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18. ViSenze

Visenze uses Artificial Intelligence technology to identify the products online. If you visited a store and liked an item there an wanted to share it online then you just have to click a photo and Vi Senze by it’s deep and machine learning will identify the same product online for you. The company says that this eliminates ineffective and time-consuming keyword guessing attempts while searching for a product. It uses computer vision, machine learning, and visual sensing to find a match for the product online which you were wanting.

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19. is for those who are busy especially who have a lot of meetings. with their smart intelligent AI-powered virtual assistant schedules all your meetings. The company calls their AI assistants as Amy and Andrew. But how all this is done? It is simple when you receive a mail regarding any of your meetings you forward it to Amy and then Amy through Deep and machine learning schedules your meetings at the best possible time and location based upon your preferences and schedules.

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20. Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra medical vision is an Israeli based company which is known for the prediction of multiple diseases and provide radiologists tools to the next leap in patient care using their deep learning software and techniques and claims that its accuracy is better than humans in prediction of diseases as it uses a large amount of data, images, techniques and smart AI integrated software. To predict control and prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart attack the company in 2006 introduced their two new AI-based algorithms.And
There “vision is to transform patient care with the power of AI”.

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So these were Some of the most innovative AI companies in the world. Apart from these many more companies are present which are based on AI, as this is the future. Which company you feel is the most innovative from the above list of Top 20 Artificial Intelligence companies ?, Tell us below in the comments section.

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