Sunday, October 24, 2021
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“Ascent:Infinite Realm(A:IR) “. A new project by PUBG developers

The company behind the huge and successful game “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground have announced its next project. It will be an  MMORPG. Its name is  Ascent: Infinite Realm.

Reveal Trailer:

It will be realm vs realm type combat in the game. A:IR’s beta will launch in the first half of 2018.Vehicle mount will be useful in the game with features more than just transportation. Players will also use different flying vehicles. These battles will also occur on the ground and player will support the hijinks with anti-air units or weapons.Ther will be an ability to customize the mount. 

There will be some non-combat pursuits in-game as shown in the trailer.It seems like the game will have grand-scale conflicts which were never seen before in this types of games. You can sign up for subscribing game’s newsletter.This game will surely hit than Playerunknown’s Battleground.


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